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What should I do?

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Nowadays, it seems like all i wanna do is sleep and sleep. I can sleep for a 12 hours straight, and I get tired all the time but I didnt do anything all day, which makes me confused. I feel like I dont wanna get up and I lack of motivation now. And as a result of this my grades are dropping I became antisocial to the where I turned down social gathering, party, hang out and etc. This worries me A LOT because I'm on my senior year, and I have to study really hard to pass the entrance exam. So what should I do to overcome this? PLS HELP

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Just like in life there is a time to work and a time to play ,,,,,the college life can appear look like a long vacation for some, but if you don't study you fail out,,, you have the right mentality, study when you need to, your REAL friends will back you up when you insist you need to study,,,, maybe let them test you, form study group for your like-minded friends....and have a pizza party when you pass your tests,,, I hope this helps...

Find someone to talk to. You're going through a stressful time. All I want to do is sleep too, but I'm also seeing a psychiatrist and a therapist to try to get my issues under control. I know it's not easy and can also be overwhelming. Try to focus on one task at a time. That's what helps me. I think multi-tasking is a myth anyway. Sometimes it's best just to stay in the moment. Ask yourself "what's the most important thing I have to do right now". Then reward yourself for doing it. Good luck and keep us posted! You are not alone.

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This really opened my eyes! Yes I do agree, multitasking is making me unfocused about what is the most important things to do. Thanks for your advice, I'll definitely considered it.

Hi- I read that multi-tasking is a myth. Check out Psychology Today, look up "The Multi-tasking myth." I know I can't do it. Seems like all the jobs out there want you to be able to do it. I have ADD and have a problem doing one thing at a time!

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Lag1 in reply to Karenk2

I have ADHD combined (as well as recurrent Major Depressive Disorder AND Generalized Anxiety Disorder). I am a store manager for a major convenience store chain that is 24/7/365. I can multi-task...even with the disorders that affect me. However, I have employees who cannot; when they are behind a register that is where they stay. They can't make coffee or sweep a floor or wipe down a counter between customers. I think, just like common sense, you either have it or you don't. But don't sell yourself short...you can get better at it. It will take you out of your comfort zone and you WILL find partially completed tasks. Make a list of the things you need to do, put a check mark by the task when you start it and cross it off when it is completed. I find partially completed chores around my house and my store all the time (I, like you, am easily distracted and once distracted I have moved on to something else that needs to be done.) I also find life overwhelming...I am fine when I just have to work and come home and do what I need to do but unless I have all "extra" things (picking kid 1 up at Band, taking kid 2 to therapy, doctor's appointment) written on the calendars that are in my phone, in my purse, on the refrigerator, and on my desk at work I will forget about something and then be so anxious I can't function. But no day is like another. You will find YOUR way to manage and get things done. I have not gotten any type of treatment aside from meds for my ADHD (which was not diagnosed until I was an adult) but through other treatments that I have received and just life experience I have learned to break things down. Sometimes our crazy brain tells us there is no way that we can complete something so we don't do anything...I am not perfect (my goal today was to clean the first floor of the house) but the office where my teenage son hangs out is still unbearable. I did, however, get all the candy wrappers and empty water bottles thrown away and the pile of dirty socks out from under the desk. I consider it a win! I hope my rambling helps you, at least a little.

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