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I don't know what to do


I hate how I always feel lonely and depressed. If I'm with people my anxiety is through the roof and I can't do anything without overthinking which makes me panic more. I can't socialize. When I'm alone I stuck in my head and it makes me hate myself. I just want to crawl out of my skin and I feel if I tell anyone they will think I'm crazy or overdramatic. I just want to be normal and happy.

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I'm the same way I have anxiety and depressein and my anxiety is on and off but I still feel alone and depressed At times it really sucks

Rogue21, it sounds like you have social anxiety disorder. There is treatment for that. I have OCD anxiety and depression. Just another variation of anxiety. I bet if you found someone to trust they would be glad to be confided in. Or Therapy. Have you been in it? If you find a good one it can be excellent. Are you only21? You probably think no one else feels like you do. There are millions of people young and older who feel like you. You have to believe me. Start opening up to someone. God bless

rogue21 in reply to Ddorne

Thanks I'm starting therapy this week so I'm hoping for the best

You can be normal and happy but you need the counseling as well as a psychiatrist for a diagnosis and medication evaluation. Both are important and I'm glad you're starting counseling. Don't hate yourself as you can't help that you have these disorders. But you can do some things to get control of them. You indicate a high degree of anxiety and that's why you need a psychiatrist along with the counselor. Come here to talk with people who understand you, don't expect other people who don't have these problems to understand you. You CAN feel good and peaceful and "normal" (whatever that is) with the right treatment, so don't give up. I've been living with anxiety for 29 years but it's treated and I'm peaceful and happy. Best wishes...

Morganax in reply to BonnieSue

I love your ending statement about you being peaceful and happy now . Can you tell me what you're doing to feel those ways I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks I am on two different types of medication right now this is about my third week of takING lorazepam 0.5 and xolof

I'm peaceful and happy because I have both an excellent counselor and psychiatrist and faith life along with taking responsibility for myself. I was fortunate enough to be raised by good parents and had a great childhood with no nasty history to have to overcome. I have an active faith life and know God personally which brings me incredible hope and peace. I won't say anything more about that here because we aren't supposed to discuss this much. Then I have to credit my counselor of 17 years and my very excellent psychiatrist. I'm very picky about these 2 people in my life and it has paid off.

I'm on klonopin/clonazepam for my anxiety disorder and Cymbalta/duloxetine and Seroquel/quetiapine for my depression. I've taken other meds through the years as needed, but usually I'm good for a decade or more with a drug. Your drugs are similar to mine, but you're still in the adjustment phase and may have side effects that will go away plus you may need a dosage adjustment after you've been on them a little while in order to feel your best. Then you need a few months to really stabilize and feel very steady.

I also work on improving myself as needed. That's partially what I mean by taking responsibility for myself. I listen to my counselor and notice character in other people I admire and then I mold myself and adjust as desired. I also mean by responsibility that I report any drug problems to my Dr. and counselor as needed and I take my meds as prescribed. Sometimes we depressed people get very tempted to not call in a drug issue/problem to the Dr. but I make myself pick up the phone and call in any problems, even if it means I have to make a trip to the Dr's. office which I really don't want to make. I just had to do this so it's fresh on my mind.

I hope this helps you. If you want to talk more privately you can PM me (private message).

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