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It's Okay to Feel Depressed


It’s Okay to Feel Depressed


Its okay to be depressed

It happens to the best

Some days you’ll just feel down

Some days you’ll do the town


Some days your fears will rule

That doesn’t mean you’re a fool

You know you fight disease

So at times you’ll be displeased


Don’t tell most folks what’s wrong

Or you won’t be friends for long

Keep that part to yourself

and talk of general health


Should you feel jittery

Count to 8, breathe slowly

Keep yourself distracted

So shakes won’t be protracted


Always take your medicines

To them add vitamins

Walk or ride a bike

Even if your bike’s a trike


No one can do for you

The things you have to do

Be determined to win

So your new life can begin


Do things that make you happy

Clean house but keep it snappy

Fill your days with laughter

Look forward to the Hereafter

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did you write that, or where’s it from?

I wrote it, after losing the 1st poem. My laptop ate that one.

Awesome, sweetie! You are a brilliant writer as well as a wonderful person and mate!

BonnieSue in reply to JEG325

Why don't you tell me how you feel? Oh wait, you just did!

JEG325 in reply to BonnieSue


BonnieSue in reply to JEG325


Your pome is virtual and intersting.

Great poem Sue with some good advice in it

BonnieSue in reply to Kkimm

Thank you, I'm hoping it's helpful as a reminder for when people find themselves feeling badly.

Thanks so much for these words. I am going to copy and keep them close on my phone.

Awwww I love this!! Beautiful 💜

Thank you much.

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