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Starting to feel that dreadful feeling!

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I’m sitting at work and I can feel that hopelessness/sadness feeling coming on! It feels like going down in an elevator or almost like falling in the pit of my stomach and chest.

I am working all of my coping tricks including posting this message.

I was supposed to start my counseling the 18th and I just got a call that she has to cancel any new patients because she will be moving out of state and didn’t learn about this until yesterday. If I want to schedule with someone else I would have to wait until the 1st week in January!!

I am trying to not let that push me over the edge but I am super disappointed with this! Plus I am missing my wife and kids so bad that it physically hurts!! Oh yes, I also have a meeting with my CEO at 12:30pm.

I am being tested to my absolute limit right now.

Just getting all of this written out is helping me calm down a little but I still feel this pressure on my chest that is accompanied with a menthol like feeling. I can’t decided if it feels warm or cold but it definitely has a temperature associated with it.

This disease is so sad!!!!!!

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Boomba, I so understand...that feeling in the pit of your stomach

is pure adrenaline rushing in. A way to reduce that dreadful feeling

is to breathe in through your nose and blow out slow and long through

your mouth. Try doing this several times...during those moments, you

will be back in control and actually feel the adrenaline settle down.

It's going to be okay but it's going to take time for you to adjust

in what's happening around you. More than therapy, it will be important

for you to find coping skills in another way. Once you are at home tonight,

let us know and we can talk more.

You are not alone, we are right here understanding and supporting you

because we care. :) xx

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Boomba76 in reply to Agora1

Thank you so much! The day was going on until 30 mins ago so I’m going to try a take a little walk. I will post again tonight.

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Agora1 in reply to Boomba76

Breathe Boomba, taking a walk is a good thing.

Stand tall when walking, bring your shoulders down

from your ears and breathe. Regulating your breathing

to a normal slow pace will settle down both your

mind and your body.

I'm here for you. :) xx

You can do this...

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Boomba76 in reply to Agora1

Thank you for your caring words today. You helped me through it and I am feeling at peace this evening.

Bless you! 🙏🏻

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Agora1 in reply to Boomba76

That's so good to hear. Namaste my friend :) xx

Sleep well, you need the rest.

I get this too. I call it the darkness. It comes on slowly and takes me over. Some times I can make it stop before it goes too far. Other times, I feel helpless and it just takes me down with it.

It is good that you are trying to use all your coping skills. Remember Boomba76, that this feeling WILL NOT last! So don't feel the need to fight it too much. It is okay to just accept that you are feeling this right now and allow yourself a little understanding.

Afterall, you have just suffered a set back and you are naturally upset about this. We set our sights on small goals like this, and having a plan makes us feel more at ease and focused. Now that your plans change, you are naturally uneasy about going through the holidays without this support, but you will battle on because you are a fighter.

Yes, this disease is dreadful but we learn ways to cope with it.

Don't think too far ahead. Take things steady and just focus on each day. You will find that you feel better once you have got over the initial disappointment and then you will accept that there is nothing you can do about this for now.

I know how you feel because I hate it when plans like this change. It moves all the goalposts for me and I can spiral quite quickly. The thoughts at first is just confusion and hopelessness but you will realise soon, that this doesn't really change anything for you and that you will get by just the same.

Try and keep things in perspective and know that this is just another one of those testing times that will help make you a stronger person.

Here's hoping you're already feeling better.


Thank you so much for this support! It truly means a lot right now!! I am looking forward to getting away from all these people so I can get some headphones on and listen to some Joyce Meyers.

Thanks again, I will take this advice to heart.

I feel for you. Maybe you can take a break from your work so you won't get stressed out? Do you have some good friends to turn to and just talk to them? Or would you do some hiking in the nature? You love music, that is good. Music heals.

I made it through the day and feel better this evening. I have some support in some of my co-workers and family over the phone. I do live music, I have been playing guitar since I was 13 yrs old and it is very therapeutic.

Thanks for your support today and I hope you have a peaceful evening!

So glad you made it through such a difficult day, you are doing really well.

How did the meeting with your CEO go?

I am here for you.


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Boomba76 in reply to Kkimm

Thank you Kkimm! The meeting went well. The CEO was in a great mood today. This was my 4th meeting with him and the first 3 were not so good.

Thank you for asking!!

Bless you!

Good, things will start to feel better for you soon.


Im so sorry. You are not alone. Depression is a horrible thing. I dont know your situation at home. But it seems like so many people are going through the same thing with a relationship. I think sometimes we get so comfortable that we let the excitement take backseat. Maybe just maybe youll need a breather. I dont know your situation. Right before Christmas doesnt help. Make sure you have a therapist who can be there for you. Maybe and im not trying to push religion but praying to God and maybe going to Church. A good friend is also a good thing. I hope this helps

Hope you are feeling better today.

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Boomba76 in reply to TJbulls1

Everyday is a battle. I went and consulted with a divorce lawyer today just to be prepared for the unthinkable. Just trying to be strong.

Glad you shared. I notice that helps too. Writing about it can be so releasing. That’s super frustrating about your counselor. Kind of irresponsible actually. I believe things happen for a reason though. Maybe you’ll find a better one. Keep it up with writing and sharing.

Thank you and yes I found a new one and I learned a lot from our first session. 🙏🏻😊

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Windyred in reply to Boomba76

Hey Boomba.... just checking in hoping you are doing well.

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Boomba76 in reply to Windyred

Doing OK. 1 day at a time! Thank you for asking. The Holy Spirit is inside of me helping me get through the storm. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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Windyred in reply to Boomba76

I totally understand. I’ve been through a divorce recently. Marital issues are so difficult. Hang in there. You’re doing really well!

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