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Does anyone else feel as broken and miserable as me?

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I could not feel anymore alone than I do right now in life. I’ve been dealt a really bad card. I have no friends, never had a boyfriend and my family has done me dirty. I don’t know what I have done to make people hate me in my life, I’ve encountered drama with a lot of people, in work and school etc. I’m not hideous or mean, I take good care of myself. I’ve tried to be friendly but only end up being treated unfairly. Everyone I know has family and people that care about them, my family is filled with backstabbers and shady people that only want to gossip. I’m 25 and have no one, I felt so lonely that I ended up adopting a dog. The dog is clingy and has separation anxiety. I feel like there’s something wrong with everyone around me, not even men find me attractive. I never get attention from men, do I sound like the issue?

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Hi. I don't think that you are. Some people are just stuck up. They always look for the wrong things in people. Though it's a sad life. But I am sick and tired of people wanting me to be like them when I am not. If they can't accept who I am, then I won't change just to be part of their group. :)

I am feeling miserable and broken too right now, due to some petty issues. It's even hard working when you just feel staying at home and sleep all day. Hoping this depressed feeling would go away but it won't. :(

I'm just taking each day one a time now.

You have social media. Youtube ways to change your appearance, or be crafty with makeup, or change your home/apartment surroundings. At 25 the world is at your feet. Trust me. The time is NOW to do whatever you want, and dont depend on anyone to tag along for the ride. Ride for yourself and start doing things that YOU enjoy. It’ll change your outlook, I promise.

Social media is not meant to reinvent you as someone crafty with makeup. I’m honestly not sure forward bound why you are saying that. It doesn’t seem helpful or productive for someone struggling. Maybe I missed a thread of the convo

I said it as a means of entertainment or a tool for learning. There is nothing you cant learn on youtube.

There is an expression that "there is a lid for every pot." I firmly believe that. It just be a matter of time until you meet someone.

You might have to put yourself out there. Maybe do volunteer work, try for a group for which you have an interest, etc.

I used to be extremely shy of women and never thought I would meet someone. I met my first girlfriend by going to a party at the last minute. You never know when and where you will meet someone.

Sadly I see posts like this all the time so you're not alone in that. I've felt like this at times too.

I think for some people we can look at their lives and see a self fulfilling prophecy. I think you can see that with your dog.

Let’s take your words.

Alone, bad, no, never, dirty, hate, drama, hideous, mean, unfairly, backstabbers, shady, gossip. It’s almost every word.

Look at your dog. He’s just mimicking you as many pets do.

We are all our own issues. We all are responsible for giving ourselves a better life. Walk away from people like that. There are literally billions of people on the planet. Just turn slightly and view others with an open mind.

Check yourself. Are you clingy? If you’re asking us the question you probably know the answer.

Here’s the best thing ever. Things always change if you want them to. Speak positive words. Make your life big. Get yourself healthy. Take your power back so you can be self confident. If what I say makes you say but.... but..... but..... you’ll know you’re making excuses and others are tired of it. If what I say makes you say ‘I can try that and see what happens. It won’t hurt’ then you’ve got a chance for quick improvement.

I’m my own worst enemy. I’m not nice. My tongue is a two-edged sword. I don’t put up with passive-aggressive behavior and I can’t stand whining. That cuts out lots of friends because we’re all human and I don’t give anybody slack.

If both of us want a better life it’s up to us to change it. No one can do it for us. We can do it.

Btw at about at 10 I looked in the mirror and told myself looks would get me nowhere in life. Intelligence is the new sexy. You’re only 25. Use your brain dear girl. That’s sexy. Trust me.


That was amazing

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Adding to what Neuronerd said, if you are a negative person or tend to whine or complain, that will drive people away. I avoid people that are like that because I don't want to be sucked of energy.

If you are able to have a good disposition and be positive, you will attract people and will be happier. For people with depression, that can be a struggle to put on a positive face and you may need to "fake it until you make it."

Too add to the wonderful comments

Life is hard. Sometimes I feels insurmountable. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have a boyfriend till my twenties!

And as to your dog. It was meant to be.

I’ve had three rescues and they have all turned out to have anxiety disorders. They have been abused and hurt.

We understand each other and heal each other

Let that dog help heal with you 😘

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Well said, and that's why I love animals. I have 3 dogs (one was my dad's before he past away) and one cat. I rescued them and they did the same. Plus they really do you love unconditionally. Even the cat though she just pretends to have to have attitude.

I feel the same way you feel. I been the victim of drama, people who I thought who love me takes advantage, and I don’t feel very attractive at times. However I know my problem is a lack of confidence. I’m slow to speak up when someone hurts me and I absorb other people’s perceptions of me. It’s dangerous thinking to think someone is thinking about u bc majority of people 90% of the time think about themselves. Most times people are not trying to stab you in the back they are just being selfish. FYI

Well I wouldn’t blame yourself. You just haven’t found your people yet. That’s all. I know it’s hard feeling like no one has your back. Its a horrible feeling. But just try to put yourself out there to meet people? Make friends.

What kind of hobbies do you enjoy? You can pay for doggy day care once or twice a week and use that day to go do something you enjoy. If you like painting you can do a paint night every week. Or join a yoga class? Do a cooking class? I joined a community walking group. It felt really good. Just try new things to try and meet new people.

Personally I’ve found it easier to meet people who are older. I’m 28. And I’ve made friends with people 40+. They usually seem to be more comfortable with who they are and Less drama.

Just an idea. I wish you all the best! You’re young and you have plenty of time. I hope you find your clan 💕

Your are 25 years young and just getting to know yourself better. You are unique and that may deter plain folks from from getting close to you. On top of that it seems like you were born into a tough family. It’s not so uncommon to be alone when your family has isolated you. It makes it hard to relate to people who have normal families. I’ve seen nasty behaving and sometimes looking women married or dating men. So I don’t think that’s an issue perhaps you don’t notice the ones that are noticing you!

I feel the same even though I live with my family. I don't know what to tell you I also don't know how to fill this hole

I feel too much alone to the point that I can't even worry about how my death will affect people because I can't even think of anyone.

I'm sorry you're struggling with all this right now, I completely understand why you'd be lonely. As far as whether you're the issue, do you think possibly a therapist could help you figure that out? With as much as you're burdened by, it sounds like you could use some outside perspective to talk this through. You're in my prayers


Its not an issue because I have had attraction but its always been the wrong kind of attention. Attention from men isn't always the best thing when they want the wrong sorts of things in a woman.

I'm not going to pretend what its like for you but I'm feeling like I'm nearly at breaking point because I have always been the one in my family who has never achieved anything. I have always been left alone by my parents. My dad is seriously ill and all the attention goes straight to him. My brother is so bright and off at uni. Then there's me stuck at a dead end job.

Your not alone in life. Keep going and you will achieve a lot...

Im still alone. Married. Discarded. Remarried. Unloved in a narcistic toxic relationship. Lost. At 60 not a fun place to b.

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