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Going back to work with no therapist


I went back to my job last week with the support of my therapist and my med provider. However, my therapist can no longer see me due to the time change in appointments. What do I reasonably expect? I now have no therapist. And a med appt once a month. How do I get the help I desperately need?

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Any way of finding a new therapist?

knittingninja in reply to Hidden

Supposed to be getting a referral any day now. I'm just terrified of the increase in symptoms and no one to talk to about it.

There's no flexibility in the schedule at all? Are you in the US? How many hours do you work? We have FMLA which allows you to flex your schedule to accommodate an illness and appointment.

I work full time and I am out of FMLA. Got a referral today for evening appointments. Just have to hang in there until I get on the schedule.

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