How to find the right therapist or group?

Hi, I'm writing in hopes of finding a good therapist for my son that has severe depression. He's thirty , has been facing this for 4 years. He's tried 4 different medications and he can't stay on them because even at low doses, he has horrible side effects. He'd really like to try group therapy. How do you find one that works?

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  • Hey! I am new to this group but I am in my 30's as well and struggle with depression and anxiety. Group therapy was a place I felt comfortable talking because nobody judges what you have to say and it can be helpful. Has he ever tried group therapy before?

  • No, he hasn't tried it but is frustrated that he hasn't found a therapist that works yet. Thank you for posting

  • It took me a little while too so I hope he can find someone to at least talk too. How do you cope as a parent? If you don't mind me asking.

  • Its really tough. Its not something I'm familiar with and this just happened to him in the last few years. I feel so helpless and sad for him. Lucky that he talks to me about it. Thanks for asking!

  • That's great that he will open up to you. I know it's hard as a parent because mine struggle with me.

  • Just know that they probably want to help but don't know how other than to listen.

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