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Going back to work today

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I've been home for over 2 months since being furloughed due to the virus. My anxiety has been horrible; stomach problems, IBS of course, breathing issues and pain randomly popping up throughout my body. I'm hoping being back at work will help. Wish me luck please!

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I’m with you Brooklyn! Don’t be afraid. Go. Keep yourself as safest as possible. It will be better and easier everyday

You got this Brooklynborn! The thought is always scarier than the task.

Thank you! It's better than sitting home and worrying.

Good Luck on your first day back to work !

Thank you FindingTree. It feels good to be active.

I wish you the best, Brooklyn! I am starting a new job in a month after being furloughed for 2&1/2 months. I am not being called back to my job so I needed to find a new one and I am grateful. I am scared, also. I am trying to be strong and speak positively to myself. I know you can do this, and I can, too. Thanks for sharing. karlou

Thank you. My employer decided not to reopen but a prior employer needed help and i know them very well so it feels like I'm with family.

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chavez13 in reply to karlou5455

You are not alone. We are all here rooting for you Karlou.

Good luck getting back to work. I went back a few weeks ago and once I got in the door I felt so much better.

I think getting back to a normal routine will make you feel good.

Let us know how it goes.

Thank you dolphin. I'm so glad to be back to work, sitting home isn't for me right now.

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