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Just had my first appointment with my new local therapist!!


I’m happy to say that I am very pleased.

I made the right choice by switching therapists. It was hard to make the switch because this clinics policy to transfer to another therapist, you have to talk to the therapist you have about why you want to transfer to a different therapist. -Which honestly, I don’t feel like that is something a patient who is already struggling so much, should have to go through. It’s definitely anxiety provoking, and some people may not make the necessary switch to find a therapist who is a good fit for them, because of this.

But I did it anyway. Because I know the power of having the right therapist. If you have one you just don’t connect with, you won’t get the right help that you need.

Feeling very hopeful.

Despite my post from last night, I’m okay with not having “the girl I used to be” back. Because this new me will be able to handle things the old me never could. I’m stronger, wiser and have more courage. And it isn’t even the end yet. ✨✌️

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Good for you!

Ubud2021 in reply to Kkakdugi

Thank you! 💕

It’s a very refreshing feeling.

You go girl. Been there, done that. How dare these "helping" professions put us through this????? But they have the power. And you are so right, the last thing you need when you are struggling is being forced to deal with a confrontation just to make a change you know you need. The arrogance is unspeakable! Daddy will decide what's best for you! Indeed!

Haha exactly!

But yes I agree. 100%

its all sounding good and hopefully it keeps up.

Happy for you! Great job!

Ubud2021 in reply to Sunnidayz1

Thank you (:

Happy for you girl. Hope it keeps up!

Good luck!

Good for you, I'm glad your feeling so much better.

You've got this Hecate and I'm happy for you. :) xx

That’s awesome that you we’re looking out for yourself and did what you had to do. I think it’s Terrible to put you on the spot with your previous therapist having to tell them Why you’re changing therapist. I don’t hesitate to change therapists when I need too. Iam asked why I’m changing therapist the insurance company ask me Not the previous therapist. I can see how uncomfortable that can be. I too will be getting a new therapist next week, Not by Choice because I have new insurance, I liked who I had so we’ll See? Good luck with your new therapist 👍

Thank you!

And good luck with your new therapist! It’s hard switching when you had a great connection with your previous one. That was the case with the one before I had this time. But- stuff happens I guess! I wish you the best!

Thank You, let me know how it goes? 🙏

For sure!

Very impressed

Courage incredible


U don’t need to hear this but remember u have tons of people caring real genuine loving protective people here

They have been very very kind to me


Ubud2021 in reply to Brig57

Thank you Brig57!!

I indeed try to keep this in mind.

Take care

Good for you. You are stronger than u know. I’m not sure my therapist is right for me. We talk about tv shows. Lol hopefully things will change or I will switch yoo

Ubud2021 in reply to Gretajetta

That’s how me and this other therapist were... like, she didn’t keep the conversation going or ask me much about my situation or... ugh it was annoying. I think her approach was ‘if you want help, you bring it up’ - which is fine. But I like the therapists who like to get in my business and there is not a quiet moment in the session.haha

I am so happy for you...I have tried calling for therapy and just feel nobody will "get" me. It seems like I am always being judged for my feelings.

Well they are taking notes on what you may have. But there is always the option to ask them to try to not diagnose you with anything... you just have to be open. As they ask questions of “how it made you feel” or “then what happened” that’s all just them trying to better understand YOUR way of thinking, because everyone is so different. As it may come off as them “judging” you, I honestly don’t believe that is the case. I think they’re just trying to better understand is all. Keep trying. And keep reassuring yourself that they’re just trying to better understand to help you the best way they can.

It really sounds like you’re on the right track and I wish you the very best. Good therapist can take you really far. The skies the limit.

It really sounds like you’re on the right track and I wish you the very best. Good therapist can take you really far. The skies the limit.

Ubud2021 in reply to Bobbi6

Thank you 😊

Yes my EMDR therapist was absolutely amazing. I had made great progress with her. She is the reason why I believe in having the right therapist, not just any therapist.

Bobbi6 in reply to Ubud2021

I wholeheartedly agree too.

Good job. It’s not always an easy decision to make, but sometimes it has to be done. All the best moving forward

Ubud2021 in reply to Kainan_li

Thank you!

That’s good!! Yes, I love that! I’m so glad it’s working for you!

That is amazing! I’ve been in therapy since February. And it has changed my life. My therapist she is awesome and is a huge advocate for me! I’m happy that you decided to try it out!😃

I have a feeling you're going to conquer many of your struggles! ;)

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