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Anxious about going back to work ‼️


So for the first time in almost a year I am going back to work. The majority of me wants to be ready and wants to fight through any panic or anxieties I might have about doing this, but there is a part of me that is telling myself to not do it, to just stay home cause that’s where’s it’s safe. I so badly want to conquer this fear, because I know this had been a huge obstacle for me and had been a big part of my degrading social life and so forth.

Has anyone else experienced something similar? If so I would love to hear positive feedback and ways you conquered this fear.


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Sure I have...after a long exit from the world after my life went upside down, yeah, it was very hard to even get out the door. I had to grab my as* with both hands and just mentally push myself out there. It was hard at first...but I did it....and now I have a life can do already know in your heart its what you really want to do....let yourself alone....breath..and just do'll be okay..nothing will blow up...the world will still be turning....and you will have empowered yourself, it's all good.

arym211 in reply to fauxartist

Thank you for this! I so love hearing other people’s stories of conquering their fears and anxieties. It totally gives me the confidence I need and reassurance that I’m not crazy and not the only person going through something like this. ❤️

fauxartist in reply to arym211

That made me smile...thanks

I just did after 6 months of being at home. It was funny, the biggest adjustment wasn't the first few days, but after the first week. It felt weird that I have to keep going back every day! I wanted to be like.."well, I enjoyed that distraction for a bit, but now I'm done" WRONG! Lol!

You will be fine. I think the hardest part is what you are doing now, thinking or perhaps over-thinking about it before you start. Try to keep busy if you can, with anything really, until the day you start to distract yourself from worrying about it. Work is like riding a bike, Haha, it just comes right back to you like you've never been hone!

Hugs 🤗🤗 and good luck!

arym211 in reply to Lisau2

That is kind of funny. I’ve actually thought of that too, like how I will also adjust in the long run. Before this time I’ve been going through I’ve always worked since I was 15, and I would feel weird if I didn’t have work to go to. Now it’s like totally flip-flopped.

But in SO appreciate you sharing this with me! I actually start tomorrow, so fingers crossed! I’ve been trying to keep my mind busy today, and I’m planning on doing some meditating and yoga before I go to bed.

Lisau2 in reply to arym211

Good luck today! I know you will do great!

wow i'm so excited you have a job! you 100% need to go to it! i promise that once you actually start going out, it is going to make you feel better. I loathe going out- except for work and school, but when i actually do i feel so much better afterwards. like i am actually happy and want to do it again... until the next morning and i am back to not wanting to do anything more than i have too. but then i try again and it feels good.

arym211 in reply to EmLee96

Thank you for the uplifting words! I use to also so love working, so I’m hoping for me it will come back naturally and I’ll get back into the swing of things easily.

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