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Having anxiety attack and I hate it. I was sleep and just woke up panic and rushing to er now. Need advice

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So sorry KC. Take a deep breath and try to believe that there will be very good help and kind people at the ER. If possible, give yourself a hug. I'm sending a hug.How smart of you to go to the ER.

Breathe, remind yourself you are safe, you have survived this before and will survive it again!

Thanks for the support

First know that it’s just a panic attack and you aren’t in any REAL danger, and the worst has already happened and you survived. I would check out this guys videos

He recovered from panic disorder and gives great advice! And also had podcasts, not sure if you have panic disorder that buts it’s panic attacks nonetheless. Hope this helps!

Kc29 in reply to NikeYrk

Thanks I really appreciate

Kc29 in reply to NikeYrk

Thank you again

Thanks. My wife and I just took a cruise to relax me.

Next time, before you go into the ER, try alternating nostril breathing. I’ve attached a video of what it looks like below. Essentially, you’re restoring the balance in your brain which is going to calm the fight or flight response. A doctor actually taught me it. When I’m having really bad anxiety, I’ll rush to the ER and do this before I decide if I should go in. Lately it’s been able to calm me down, decreasing the visits!

Please keep us updated.


Thanks. We drove up but didn’t get out I just prayed and begin to talk with my wife to help relax my mind. I will try this now

Dolphin14 in reply to Kc29

How are you feeling now

I use the nostril breathing in my yoga it is helpful.

D I’m feeling good. I’m relaxed now. I think what cause this was I didn’t get a lot of sleep. Woke up at 3 am my wife and I was talking bout our kids and marriage had to get peace in that, been going all day so I just took some Advil for the pressure from my headache and just chilling

TrustnGod in reply to Kc29

Good to hear! Good for you for also noticing your triggers. Anxiety combined with lack of sleep is the worst!

I agree. So I got my heating pad on for my pinch nerve in neck now it’s relax my mind mood.

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