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Hi, I'm new to the site and came here for help. Mainly because my depression/anxiety & my eating disorder are getting worse, I want to ask for help from family but my dad says there is nothing wrong with me and I don't have my mother living with us anymore. Each day is becoming more of a struggle, I have scars on my arms i cover with bracelets and my sleeves, I have girls at my school ask if I'm okay then turn around and mutter something about me like "stupid b**ch" or something about my appearance and it brings me down a lot. I feel useless most of the time because the few friends I do have I can never help them and it sucks. And somehow my mind tells me I'm fat (I'm 125 lbs) and I usually end up throwing food up or just don't eat at all, which can go for days at a time and it really hit me again recently. I've taken a mental health day from school today because last night I almost took my life. Tbh it just sucks all the time, the only thing that keeps me going is my mom, my girlfriend and skating. But now it's all seeming unimportant...

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Are you LGBTQ? I only ask as I am gay and find that my sexuality puts an extra strain on me socially and emotionally x

Yes I am but I dont share that with anyone else at my school really, and it doesn't affect me much.

I'm so glad you didnt take your life. I have very bad depression and anxiety and social anxiety and ptsd and I have almost killed myself a couple years ago. I wish I was as you to redo everything. Cuz I hate the toxic people that made me who I am today. You have so much potential to do something great with your life. Can you maybe transfer to another school to start fresh? I know how hard it is to not listen to horrible things other people say about you and to you. At my age I'm realizing that life was too short and I hope you maybe see a therapist or talk to someone your close too because I wouldn't want to see a beautiful life taken away.

Thank you Phoenix, and I wish I could transfer but I cant really right now. But I appreciate your kindness and I'm glad you didnt take your life as well. I wanted this to be my first step in getting help so thanks for being some support for me. x

Please talk to me if you need too I've been there I've had horrible abuse by my dad and boyfriends and have been picked on and made fun of my whole life. If you need to vent please talk to me anytime. I've had a therapist for 6 years after my ex gave me an Ultimatum to get help or break up with me. She is so amazing and makes me human and validated for feeling how I do. Please talk to someone it does help and maybe you need medication you could have a chemical imbalance that makes you feel the way you do. I'm going to follow on here I hope you don't mind sweetheart. What hobbies bring you relief skating?

I'm sorry about what youve been through, and thank you for being here. But yes I use skating as a somewhat relief and I draw sometimes too.

That's good you should do more of those when you start feeling really down to take your attention away from it. My therapist told me walking really helps you but I can barely make myself to leave my apt I haven't left in days. That's awesome I wish I could draw.

Hey why dont you try skating once? I like just try it some time this month or something. Its fun and it'll get you out of your house. But be careful its a bit harder then walking normally. :)

I don't know and never have before I would prob break my neck

If you go, hold onto the wall, and when you skate push from the ball of your foot and it should be a little easier.

Okay ty

I'm glad I met you your such a sweet girl I want you get better and be happy. Talk to me anytime have a good rest of your day

Thank you, you too

That's good you should do more of those when you start feeling really down to take your attention away from it. My therapist told me walking really helps you but I can barely make myself to leave my apt I haven't left in days. That's awesome I wish I could draw.


I’m sorry to hear what you’re going through. You don’t deserve what you have been through lately— no, not at all. Do know that, there is other people like you. Whom can relate and support you. Hopefully, one day everything will get better for you, — best of wishes.♡

— A. 💓

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Thank you. I appreciate it ❤

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No problem. ♡

You sound like a very sweet girl. You have so much support on here. If your dad isn’t understanding, you should take matters into your own hands. Maybe talk to the guidance councilor or a therapist. There’s probably support groups for eating disorders. Feel free to talk to any of us hugs 🤗

Thank you, and im making this my first small step to getting help. Its just harder to talk to people about it face to face.

Absolutely! That’s hard, but once you get it out, you’ll feel the release. And with your guidance counselor or therapist, they’ve seen it all. There’s no judgement. You just talk about things open and honestly girl 😊


I just wanted to say that’s a cool screen name.

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your struggles. I'm sorry that your father has not taken you seriously when you have asked him for help. I know that must have been hard to do. Sometimes, unfortunately, parents don't like to admit that their child might be struggling and choose to convince themselves nothing is wrong. That says more about them and their pride then it does about you! I admire you for wanting to reach out and share your struggles. It takes a wise person to realize that they need help! If your father won't listen, do you have another trusted adult in your life that you could talk to? Would your mom listen? A teacher? A school counselor? Please continue to be brave and reach out. Most adults will take your problems/feelings seriously! You can see yourself, as you have described, that your way of thinking and coping is not healthy. I want you to know that even though it may not seem so right now, you are valuable. You are worthwhile! You have a purpose and you are so needed in this world! Don't believe the lies in your head, because they simply are not true!

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