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New poster here. Need some anxiety help


Hi there,

I've just joined the site. I am currently suffering from severe anxiety and depression. I've been on Lexapro for about a year until I weaned off about 2 months ago. I was ok until about a month ago when everything hit me like a ton of bricks. Chest pains which of course make me panic as usual, panic attacks, dizziness, fatigue and this constant feeling of dread. It has been the most difficult month of my life. I've spoken to my doctor and have started up with Lexapro again but it's going to take a while to kick in. I just don't know what to do. My entire body is so tense and tired and everything feels like a chore. It's so hard. I'm also away from home and I'm only going back in two months which right now feels like an eternity. I just would like a little help or advice from anyone who's been through something similar. Thank you :)

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Hi musicalgirl. Welcome to our support site. I have been on Lexapro for a while

now and am doing well. I did however wean off my Benzos about 7 years ago.

The weaning process was very difficult plus the aftermath took awhile for the

symptoms to disappear completely. It might be what you are experiencing right

now. I hope by going back on, you won't have to wait too long for Lexapro to

reach full efficacy once again. I'm so glad to welcome you here. :) xx

musicalgirl in reply to Agora1

Thanks so much for your message, so glad I found the site :) I'm really hoping it kicks back in soon because I feel absolutely awful.

Just curious about your dosage. I took 20 mgs to get it in my system then backed down to 10. Don't really know if that helped to get it kick started any quicker. It sounded like a good idea and my doctor was okay with that.

Thanks for your reply. I was on 10mg before I weaned off and I've started on 5 mg for about 2 weeks and going on to 10mg now again which I'm hoping will help the way it did before.

I keep debating weaning off lexapro because of side effects but I'm afraid of having dark spells again.

I have found that exercise and listening to my favorite music also helps. Keeping busy with stuff around the house like cleaning keeps me out of my head. Try not to isolate. See if there are any support groups in your area. That has also helped me.

Good luck to you.

Hi Musicalgirl,

The only thing that I can add that may help is a low dose benzo as needed while waiting to the Lexapro to kick in. You don’t want to become addicted or go through withdrawal, so maybe like .5mg as needed when you feel panicky and are having a hard time resetting yourself!

I hope it helps, and you find some relief soon!

Cheers! 💜

I take two 0.5 mgs of klonopin at night for sleep. I agree that one 0.5 mg tablet might be a good idea for the anxiety attacks. I have had social anxiety and a a half a tablet has made a difference for me.

Thanks so much. Yeah, I did that when I first started them last time but this time I'm in Thailand and they're apparently illegal here so I'm hoping to try and find some way of calming down in the meantime because this is hell.

Welcome! My therapists alway tell me that having a good support system is critical for success so being on here is a step in the right direction! I would also add working closely with your doctors and following the treatment plan as best you can is also very important! 🙂

Yeah, so glad I've found this place. I'm currently working in a different country so it's extremely lonely and then dealing with this too hasn't been easy so I think that may be a factor as well. Hopefully what my doctor has prescribed will do the trick and I can start to work through it 😊

I feel for you :( I know how unpleasant and exhausting that feeling of constant dread is.

I'm sure you've heard this already, but the best thing you can do for yourself right now is to try as best you can to accept the symptoms you're dealing with, both physical and mental. When I am in a multi-day anxiety attack, my mantra is always just "Just keep going. Keep living life, however you can right now."

I hope the medication gives you some relief soon though :(

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