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Hello im new here i need some help


Hello im 17 years old im a girl and i suffer from anxiety depression and i think i have anger issues too im not in school i have no friends i have only my mom and dad but they dont understand me i go to counsling once a week but i can never open up to her or anyone i just want someone to lisen to me please

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Well I'm here if you need to vent. But in order to feel better you have to open up. I know that sounds practically impossible but take it from me, it works

I'm a great listener :0)

Hi there... I can definitely relate to some of the things you are going through. I'm here if you need to talk. I know it's hard, especially when you're not even sure why you are feeling the way you do sometimes, but find someone to open up to and take a chance. Even if it's not me, message one of the people who replied to you here, or reply to us, and just start talking. Itll get easier, I promise.

Thank u ive tried to open up but i always shut down cuz i feel stupid for feeling the way i do ive been trying to lose weight for 2 years and i always fail my dad lost his job so were broke and im just soo lost i dont know what to do i just vegan like 3 months ago and i have a job at daycare so i ate least can help my parents out im not in school i hate school i was aloner until i convinced my parents to put me in online school and now i need to get my ged to work more hours and its just soo hard to just deal with all this i know im not alone im so sensitive i try to be tought and run so fast but i just cant i feel soo worthless im not smart were broke im probably never going to make my parents proud they want me to study but ive always hated school ughhhh well thank u for reading this and actually caring cuz i always felt like noone acually care about me truly

You should never feel stupid for feeling any way. We can't control how we feel, only what we do with those feelings and how we choose to respond to them.

I know it's really tough to feel like you aren't good enough, smart enough, strong enough, pretty enough, etc... But guess what? You ARE enough. Are you perfect? Of course not, no one is. Not one single person in the world is perfect. But don't ever let anyone make you believe that you are not enough. And don't tell yourself that either!

You're at a really tough age. Your parents want the best for you, and it's their job to want you to study and do well and everything. But don't let that make you believe that they are disappointed in you, or won't love you anymore, if you don't meet their expectations. You can only do the best YOU can do. It's a hard thing to learn, one of the hardest things we have to learn while we are growing up, that we can't let other people's expectations decide how we feel about and live our lives. We have to set our own goals and expectations for ourselves.

Maybe start with one thing, one goal that you want for yourself. I saw you mentioned your GED, And that is a great thing to do for yourself! But really it just needs to be something that YOU want. Set that goal, and start thinking about what you need to do to accomplish it. One step at a time. Do you think you could try that?

Yes i think i can thank u for your kind words i hate feeling this way its soo fustrating dealing with everything when im in they gym i feel good that i went but when i start seeing others better than me i lose all hope and get upset cuz my parents never put me in sports or anything

I know it's frustrating. But all those people in the gym who you feel are doing "better" than you? I'm willing to bet a very large percentage of them have simply been doing it longer than you. If it makes you feel good to go, you keep going! I bet you most of the people you see at the gym felt the same when they first started coming. It can be intimidating.

But everyone has to start somewhere! And I think, personally, that starting is the hardest part! And you've already done that!! How great is that?? You've gotten through the hardest part and you didn't even know it at the time. It's going to get easier and easier from here on out if you keep going regularly and working at it!

So when you start to feel discouraged, remember that. For most people, deciding to start to work out and actually going to the gym the first few times is definitely the hardest part. And girl, you already got through it!! Feel good about that and keep on going!

This forum is a good way to open up because you have anonymity so go for it.

You mention that you also struggle with anger. I have found Rageaholics annonymous to be a safe and effective program. They do have call in phone meetings that are a great place to open up verbally with complete anonymity It's like training wheels to learn how to communicate with family and professionals.

Google rageaholics and read to see if u relate. look for telephone meetings list. A time , phone number and passcode will be published. It's a conference call of about 10 to 15 people. Listen learn and share.

Just a tip for u to apply at your discretion Good luck ✌️

Hey. i feel ya. its actually really hard to open up to people when you want to. i wiold know. i tried therapy, it doesnt work for me. and also, parents just dont understand...especialy when they want you focusing on school more than your mental health. if you ever need someone to talk to, im here for ya.

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