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Nothing is going well


I'm new here.

I feel so fucked up right now. I've always had a dream of becoming someone but my high school grades fucked me up. I wanted to hold onto something but nothing is really working out. I tried for abroad and the consultancy I consulted is taking so freaking long time to respond. I feel like everything is going out of my control. I don't knw if it's luck or what that is not favouring me up. Every tasks I do or everything I try, it just fails and fails. Is god joking with me right now? When will everything go alright and good? When I'll stop having all these dramas around me?

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This is not what you will want to hear but... When you start becoming accountable and take responsibility for your actions you will be surprised at the success you can have. Pam

aliza_ in reply to sweetiepye

You know, there's time when you feel like you're so done with everything and everyone and nothing that's happening around you entertains you. At that moment, neither being accountable helps nor realizing our responsibilities.

But also, let's try to stay positive out of all the negativity that's wraping us around. :)

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aliza_ in reply to Hidden

Hope so!

I'm positive that when you feel the way you described that is the time to come blasting through with one final push. You are someone, never doubt it. Pam

aliza_ in reply to sweetiepye


Aliza I completely understand your situation. Sometimes in life we face such moments when we feel trapped and hopeless but let me assure you that God only shows hard time to people who he knows can endure and fight. Don't worry your good times will soon be here and I know this from experience that God never stops loving his people. So stay brave and fight.

aliza_ in reply to knowyoursoul

Thankyou for your suggestion!

And I really expect god to give me such strength to endure all these low moments!

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