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I’m new..please help

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I feel so scared of everything right now. I woke up with the worst pain from anxiety in my stomach, I just cried and cried my eyes out. I decided to join today because I could not handle anymore. I feel like I’m losing my mind I overthink the worse things and then I overthink the fact that I’m probably manifesting the bad things into actually happening. I can’t talk to anybody in real life about this and the way I feel because everyone is so tired of me crying and asking them for help I can tell. I feel so depressed right now. I’m scared that someone will come in and ruin my relationship, scared that I will then be alone and have to suffer by myself even though I don’t really talk to my boyfriend about my problems anymore. We took a little break and when we did I did not eat for almost a week, did not shower, did not leave my bed at all almost. I’m afraid that this is the thing that is holding me all together and if it fails it’ll be the final straw. I’m scared that I will never get it together in my life, I’m 19 and have no job, don’t go to school I feel like a failure in every way. Someone please talk to me and be my friend..I feel so alone.

10 Replies
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You are not alone, you came to the right place, all the people on here are very supportive and helpful

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Thank you ❤️

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Hi thank you for responding and welcoming me, that is one of my problems I can’t remember anything that I enjoyed doing before it got this bad..I try and try to search for the things I used to love to do but I truly can’t pin point anything. All I do is lay in bed and think myself into these moments. I feel so stuck

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Hi, Try playing games on your phone. I’ve had this problem when my anxiety gets bad and I play games on my phone that helps a lot. I hope this helps you and I’ll pray for You.

There are definitely alot of us that feel the pain you're spilling out in your post. Don't beat yourself up about the big picture right now. Calm down and focus on small goals right now. Somedays, just opening the curtains even if I lay back down is a step for me. The sunlight that I'm letting in isn't curing everything, but it helps. Tomorrow or a couple of days later, set a goal of letting the sunlight in and while you're up, go ahead and brush your teeth or do some kind of hygiene. Even if you lay back down, you were more productive than the day before. Set small goals so you don't get discouraged or overwhelmed. Complete the goal consecutively for a few days and build on it. Build yourself up slowly, but surely. I understand your struggles. I pray for the best for you, friend.

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Welcome to the site🌞

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I understand crying everyday. Up until recently I cried, got so angry, showed signs of rage where I was screaming and throwing items in the house (not at anyone just in the house) because I did not see any solutions to our well being. Out of the blue my husband got a job after being off work for 4 years from complications from a liver transplant. Day by day I got a bit better. Patience is no longer my strong part of my being. Just try to remember life can get better if we take it a step at a time. I recently took a course through Coursera called the Science of Well Being. It is a FREE course through Yale University. It is basically the science of happiness. Even though it is free you still have to take tests to make sure you understand the material. It is a pretty neat course. This course has helped me look hard at myself and what does it take to make me happy. I hope life gets better for you. Just remember even if you take one step forward and two steps backwards you are still trying to improve you. This is what counts, keep looking forward and it will get better day by day or even hour by hour.

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You are not alone! My stomach reacts to anxiety often. I am now on meds to help it. They work well. Meditation and mindfulness also help me. Please know you are not alone in this. I have had depression and anxiety for 30+ years w Ups and downs and good moments.

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Just curious. What if you have an image planted in your mind that you are constantly seeing and making you fearful. How can I help this situation? If you have any advice.

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You are so young, I had my daughter and got divorced and became a single mom and got diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Depression and Anxiety all at age 19! I am now 34...life DOES get better! Write me sweetheart! I will be there for you!

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