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Nightmares due to Stress

I still feel hurt, anger and the anxiety is still here. It affected my sleep to the point that I had nightmares again that jerked me awake at night.

I am only doing what is right and following the rules. But some people are just so rude because they can't get their way. Then they would dump their anger on you.

Some people are just fucked up. Just because they think they have the right. They think they can just trample on other people. I felt injustice. I want to shout back and spat back the rudeness that was done to me.

But I know better. I felt like a coward for not fighting back. But I can't let that person destroy me and my job.

Just ranting. I really need to get this out. :)

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Have you been upset on site.

If so what has been said or happened

Keep a hold


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Oh sorry for the confusion. That person was not from this site. It was a customer in my job. He kept coming back to us and I am always the lucky person to be serving his needs always.

Not fighting back does not make you a coward. It requires a great deal of strength to not react in the heat of the moment.

When you do react, it sets you up to be goaded into behavior that you will regret. Of course it gives your attacker power over your behavior, which takes away your free will and encourages the attacker.

Some people live for that.

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Yes, this is the 2nd time. He had treated me this badly. We don't know each other on a personal level. It's just my job to adhere to our customers needs. But we have rules to follow and he doesn't understand that.

True, if i do react, it will only end in regret and probably my termination on the job.

Yes, I do felt that he has power over me. It hurts because I am not a person who doesn't defend herself. But in this situation. I gotta weigh what's best for me.

I felt that my hands our tied. Unless my boss finds a way to resolve this matter. Which I did lifted to them already. As a defense for myself.

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Billsfriend in reply to

Oh okay, I see, in this situation you can't take anything personally. He probably treats everyone like that when he has them in a subservient role. ( Waiters, store clerks etc.)

He is what we in the business call an A-hole!

I've been working on this very thing. I decided I want to be like special forces people, or the castle guards in England who will not react even when spit on. These people are Tough, Tough, Tough.

I recently was involved in a situation where my son's girlfriend was trying to goad him and me into a fist fight. She got within inches of my face yelling, cussing, and lying. When that didn't work she actually pushed me. In the past I would've been unable to handle it. But with a change in my attitude, she came out looking like the trash she is. I saved face, and averted tragedy!

You can do it too.

Reframe the situation.

Realize it has nothing to do with you, only them.

Don't let them have the power to rattle you.

Soon they get frustrated and look for someone else to mess with.

And you become a stronger person.

I learned a lot by watching YouTube videos about this! Go get that loser, and Crush him with such skill that he doesn't know what happened, and can't complain about your behavior.

Cut me in, so I can Gloat with you!!

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Thanks for the tip. That's really very patient of you. If that customer of ours really got physical with me. I don't know if I still could contain myself from not fighting back physically hehe.

I admire people like you who can control their anger. It's very tough to do. But you are very right. You turned out to be the bigger person by not giving in to anger.


On the YouTube search box enter " develop thick skin".

You get a ton of good stuff.

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thank you so much. I'll check that out. :D

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I just developed this ability in the past 3 months. I can't wait until I get Angry, I have to prevent becoming Angry. I guess because I come from a violent family.

You sound burnt out. I get like that burnt out. Sometimes crap things happen to good people. It’s brutal why so many of us are in here becomes too much. Try to save yourself. Immediately they mean nothing to you. If they royally screwed your over they don’t deserve to be rented space in your brain. It’s a lesson I work on daily.

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Hi, yes I am so burned out from work and everything else going on in my life.

True, I should just brush it off. He's only giving me headache and stress. Which is the last thing I need right now Hehehe.

I believe in Karma and it will return back to him. :)

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guitara69 in reply to

Ya it’s rough but it’s ego because of the injustice it’s not right. But we have to take the hit and the lesson then keep the lesson drop the hit. If it means building again it does

I did do Very well with her. What I am struggling with is my wife who really knows how to get under my skin.

Yesterday she was supposed to bring me food After she finished eating out. At 2:30 I texted and she said they were finishing up. At 4:30, I'm still hungry and she still isn't back. It's not the first time. I'm starting to think I need to get away from her.

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