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Bad anxiety day

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Hey everyone , i woke up today from a bad dream, i dreamt that i found out that i got a disease from anxiety , im not sure what it was but in the dream i remember the feeling and emotion of anxiety , and like the time where i was worse at controlling it , where panic would be constant for weeks and i would not bother think about my next day or week because i seriously thought i will die from the anxiety i woke up very nauseous ...i was tense and anxious all day , i almost felt the same as before at times , and i just dont know how i will recover if that ever happens go back to the time where i wasnt living , i was in a constant state of panic , always scared , cant breath, cant eat ir sleep, cant think just scared , even at home where its safe , scared of nothing ..and just feeling hopeless is the worst thing ever ...and i know that unlikely becayse i discovered many things like breathing techniques , claire weekes acceptance method which made me realize anxiety cant kill or atleast its not as harmful to accept it because the affect is much less intense , but today i felt really off because i got a familiar old feeling of what has been on the back of my mind for about 3 months because eventhough i had terrible anxiety it wouldnt compare to what i had constantly from december to mid march ..

I dont know what to do anymore ...

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if you want suggestions on what to do i would say see a psychiatrist for anti anxiety meds. from what you describe i would say your anxiety is out of control and you need medication to help you. also i have dreams too where I'm crazy angry and acting out and everyone is like what's wrong with you. and i can actually feel the crazy in my dream. i wake up thankful for prozac and the people who invented it.

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Well sadly , right now im not able to got to a therapist , my family dont support me going to therapy and regardless how much i try they dont seem to feel its necessary, its not like they are stopping me but they judge me so much and they are very non supportive , in addition to my reluctance to go , its extremely difficult to gain the courage to go or to tell my family again or even bring it up , my anxiety has been managable these past 2 months , only getting very anxious when i had exams in early may , i have been in times where i would get heart palpitations and some mild anxiety but it would be a few times a month ..,so it would be very very low at times but sometimes bad dreams , or lifestyle, or external factors like exams or family struggles or health scares that trigger more anxiety , all my life i couldnt dela with anything scary looking even if its not scary its not so new to me but now i feel more sensitive to it since im developing more anxiety and im getting older

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Im still 18 , and over these past 6 months i have been on a mental and emotional rollercoaster , first it started with a blood pressure fear cycle , fearing my blood pressure rising with stress causing more fear more rise and so forth, then just general panic attacks and sensitivity to anything causing huge doses of fear , then the pulse fear , heart rate and health anxiety , and so many more

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you're 18. if you want to you can go to tour nearest emergency room and tell them what's going on with you. you might then be involuntarily committed or they can refer you to a local resource for help. i live in a small North Carolina town and there are no psychiatrists here but we do have Monarch which is a place where i can talk to a psychiatrist over skype and this way i am able to be treated. it costs nothing. i mean i have health insurance so it's a 50 dollar copay but they never charge me and i know it would be available even if i couldn't pay. Google psychiatrist for your area or dial 211 and see what resources are available to you in your area. you're 18 so your family doesn't need to know anything. It's your right to medical privacy. i know, i work at a hospital.

You are eighteen. Doesn’t really matter what your family thinks is it? Sorry, didn’t mean to sound harsh. I just don’t get letting a loved one suffer. The other thing you could do is look into books by Dr. Claire Weekes. Her books helped me and other quite a bit.

No i understand its ok , its that i am a bit reluctant and nervous about therapy and to add my family’s no support its hardr, plus i cant really finance it myself , so even if im 18 i still cant do everything alone, i still havent even graduated

Same here this morning

I don't come out off it

I am from belgium

So different time zone

But it's like I am in a Crisis

From the panic attack and anxiety

My meds are Xanax 1 mg and still get worser

Hi there, I'd just like to remind you that it WILL get better. I KNOW it doesn't feel that way - but it will!!! I promise you. Keep trying. It's great that you're reaching out and telling us about this. We are here for you.

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I know it does , it got better for me so many times , but you have to admit it also gets worse , which is why sometimes even the successes for me are hard to celebrate because deep down i get this feelng that i wont be calm , fearless, and happy for long ...

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I mean that with the years, it gets better :)) But yeah I know, each time falling into these holes is hell... you keep hanging in there. You'll get to a point where you'll be more aware in the worst moments, that it will pass. <3

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I feel same. I get really well and excited about the way I feel then out of the blue there it is again! The bad feelings pass though. Yep it’s a roller coaster!!

I hear ya. I hate what anxiety does to me physically and mentally. It's just exhausting! I have a terrible time getting the reoccurring horrible thought patterns to end and there has been times where I've been in a panicked state for weeks, too worked up to be able to do anything.

Yes same , right now its much less intense which is good , because school is out , i finished exams , im graduating soon and everything is stable ..but sometimes for no apparent reason i feel very scared, get heart flutters constantly , and it gets much worse which causes mire fear , so its like a vicious cycie that is hard to brebecayse what you are fearing ismfeeding the fear, and yees it does get better , it has alot for me and i reached from rock bottom to feeling almost normal again through claire weekes , meditation, breathing, realizing there has to be a cause for my anxiety and seeing the confidence grow when i get over some fears make things less scary which helps, but setback are inevitable which is what im going through currently

Nobody is perfect and we all have our down days. Im going to look up claire weekes

Yes youre right , and yes you should look up claire weekes books and podcasts, im not going to lie i didnt like read alot from her , but i listened to some audios , but they really helped when i applied her acceptance method

It basically aims to reassure people who suffer from anxiety that its not harmful , especially when you accept it , because when you do and not trying to fight it it is less severe and less likely to last longer because the desentisized nerves will go away ..and the acceptence method revolves around 4 steps

1)face anxiety: when you face your fears they become less scary so if you are afraid of crowds , you go to a concert or a party , increased confidence will improve anxiety because triggers will decrease and as a result fear will be more mild

2)accept it , when you accept that you are anxious you are not overthinking your state of mind , you will forget about it and start feeling better more quickly will also cause the anxiety that does occur to be less severe because you would be aware that it wouldnt last as long ir be as intense

3)float through anxiety .. basically means that when you get anxiety you work on floating through it , experience it ..immerse yourself in the feeling, become less afraid of it , consider it as a part of you , something that is not unbearable but its something that your brain does to calm , close your eyes and just float , picture the anxiety and try to let the anxiety change its severity because anxiety is never constant , it has varying degrees so when you learn that it will get better quickly this way it will be less intense too

4) let time pass, anxiety never lasts forever l yes it can last alot and come and go but its never constant forever can be long periods but never constant , because we experience different things that make us stronger mentally, we change ideas , we forget old fears, overcome tough times, get new challenges . So time heals everything and with enough time of floating through this anxiety , it will be easier to repeat this whenever you face it

Her method helped me alot to a point where instarted feeling normal, because my fear was dying from stress, and i started feeling its not so dangerous when you face it, because you are nit escaping , facing your fears and seeing that you are still safe and sound makes you less scared to go through anthing in general ..its hard to master at first for me i thought its a load of crap but whenever i get a new fear or panic attack, breathing technique, meditation, and F A F L ..i feel much less intense attacks than before ,

At eighteen and having already been out there researching solutions to the anxiety problems. I clap for you. You are trying hard. And I am sorry if I sounded harsh about you being eighteen and doing what you gotta do. It is very hard to do things without support from those closest to you. Forgive my comment. I just didn’t seek help for a long time. Like 15 years. It is better to not suffer for so long.

No no you werent harsh , i have seen some harsh comments on my posts here and this sounds nothing like it trust me , and most of them dont even apologize of excuse themselves, but you are beyond kind, i understand what you mean but sometimes the advice is hard to apply for me because therapy wise my family are not supportive and for me being already reluctant and avoiding therapy because of fear is already hard and makes me less willing to go ..and more scared ...

Good. Just trying to give you a high five for the work you have put in

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