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My Health anxiety is taking over me again

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Hi everyone !

I just need to vent 😭

I had influenza A last Friday . Took Tamiflu for 5 days and I was feeling so much better .

The past two days I am feeling so tired , even after using my cpap all night .

I swear I have an UTI so I went to the Urgent care but nothing . My vitals are fine , they couldn’t fine anything but I feel like there is something wrong with me . 😭😭

I started having anxiety and panic this week ! My mind is playing tricks on me and I am so scared 😟.

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If you had the flu recently, you might not be totally over it yet. Flu can knock you down for a long time.

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foxglove_pnw in reply to Kat63

I agree Kat ! My anxiety makes me think otherwise. Thanks for replaying !

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I would say something similar; your immune system has been put through it and still is replenishing itself

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foxglove_pnw in reply to Hidden

Thanks ! I am just freaking out ! 😩 I slept for 10 hours last night and I am so tired right now .

When your already feeling sick especially after 5 days your anxiety can kick your butt.. tamiflu gives me anxiety when i have taken it in the past. Feel better

Thank you Carmen ❤️

I don’t know what it’s like where you live, here in America, when you see a Dr. all you see is the top of their head over the computer. They are so busy typing.... add to that they are looking at my history of bi-polar and list of medications I take. I think that they think “ Oh, we have ourselves a head case! I’ll talk her down and send her on her way”. Maybe it’s true maybe not, we get sick too... probably more than most because of all the side effects of the meds we’re on. We know our bodies more than they do. But hey, time is money and they have the diplomas right?

I am also in the USA ! I do have a good Primary Doctor but I agree with you ! We know our bodies better than they do !

I also agree that doctors judge us by our medication list 😩

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Boober180 in reply to copasedic

I agree. I was sent home once just to find out days later that I was actually dealing with asthma.

They just saw anxiety on my file and rushed to send me home.

The medications that THEY prescribed!

At least in my case. My GP gives me my meds

I see a psychiatrist for my meds !


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