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Health anxiety


I feel like all day I’ve just been trying to push back the anxiety and now it’s finally catching up to me. I know I’m on the verge of panicking because I’m doing that cough gag thing. All day I’ve felt this strange fluttery feeling in my chest. And I feel this pain on the left side of my rib cage, it kinda feels like I’m being nudged with something sharp. It comes and goes but it’s been a while since I’ve felt it. Things just feel off. And I’ve been checking my pulse constantly too and it feels fine even when I’m scared af like I am now, it’s not racing. I’m googling symptoms and researching stuff like the apex beat and all that shit cus i can easily feel my heart beat there and idk if it’s normal cus I can feel it easier than usual. And my perception is off too, i feel like it’s taking me longer to process things and I feel confused at times. I’m trying my hardest to stay calm but I can’t help but think that something is wrong. It doesn’t help that I’m associating all these symptoms with each other and I keep thinking that there’s something wrong and I need to be checked out. I’m like so ready to call 911. But I’m reluctant cus I went to the er twice last month and got checked out by paramedics once a couple weeks ago. Every time I was fine. Even then there’s that thought that maybe they missed something.

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i feel like that too

What time is it there can you just go to the Dr instead of hospital. That way you won’t be sitting at the hospital for hours on end for nothing.

notnervous in reply to Amz1987

It’s 6pm so the doctors office is closed

Amz1987 in reply to notnervous

Ah that’s a bummer. Do you have any after hours clinics or GPs home services or even a nurse phone line you can call. I think If you can at least speak with someone it might help calm your nerves.

notnervous in reply to Amz1987

Nah I don’t have any of those services available near me as for the nurse line I’ll try searching one up and see if they can help, thank u

I understand the feeling. If your heart rate seems normal (there is an app called heart rate monitor you can get it on your phone) and you are breathing okay then just try to reassure yourself that you are safe. when anxiety is very high it can create physical symptoms, but none of them are harmful, just very scary. As for the "feeling off", i would recommend just trying to relax, maybe get into bed and try to fall asleep. Call your doctor in the morning and get in the earliest they can take you just so it can relieve your worries that you may be sick. keep fighting

micaht2013 in reply to belladay

I get this way also, I’ve been to the emergency room numerous times before and everything has been fine, it’s just your mind telling your body something is wrong, when in reality there’s nothing. Try a soothing meditation from YouTube they always help me, or go to a walk to clear your mind. Just remember your not alone.

Everything you have mentioned is connected to anxiety and panic . You have been seen by several professionals recently who found you to be physically alright. Isn't it more likely that this is an anxiety attack rather than a real illness ? Anxiety can seem very real but you have to trust the medical help that it is not. One person might make a mistake ,but several will not. Stop the googling, instead write your symptoms down so you know they are yours and not implanted by something you read. You can take them with you when you see your Doctor next. It is exhausting having anxiety and it consumes your life but at some point you have to see it for the liar it is. It is much safer to trust your medical people than to put your faith in false feelings. When I got to the point of hating the way I was feeling and I decided I would take my chances, be dam to anxiety, that's when I started to get well. You will get there . Pam

Ur words were really helpful. My therapist also told me to write everything I feel down and idk why I haven’t done it but I will now. Thank u for the advice!

I thought I was the only one who got that cough, gag thing! You know you're going to be ok. You dont need to to to the er. Are you like me and wish we could so they could finally find the real cause?

One person on here linked to an article that was helpful. it talked about floating in the current vs fighting it. You need to float my friend. Kick on some youtube, porn whatever and distract your mind. Find something to laugh about. (My spelling and grammar can make anyone laugh)

Please also stop googling and searching for symptoms. this will only upset you.

Can you tell us something positive about your day?


notnervous in reply to dom410

Yeah I should really stop googling. Earlier, I could literally feel the tension building up in my chest as I went down the list of conditions and causes and symptoms and it feels awful. Thanks for the kind words. My day was pretty regular, nothing too positive besides receiving great advice from u all!

Jeff1943 in reply to dom410

Sorry, distraction is not the answer. You must pass through panic and anxiety to recover, not hide from it or try to sneak round it. Accept your anxiety for the time being, do not fight it. Fighting only causes more stress and tension which is no help at all.

Instead, surrender to your symptoms, agree to coexist with them, accept them 110% for the moment.

This is the way.

sweetiepye in reply to Jeff1943

I'm curious Jeff. I know you admire Claire Weeks as do I , and I have been helped by her method ,but I couldn't float forever. My personality is such that I'm not a passive person so I found that concept very difficult. I used the image of walking into fire and coming out tempered. It is what worked for me. I'm wondering if C.W. mentions any other visuals or if you have used anything else? It has been years since I've read her book, I only remember a general idea of her method. Thank you. Pam

Jeff1943 in reply to sweetiepye

Walking through fire and coming through tempered is a good analogy. I think Claire Weekes would have liked that.

I imagine I am a rock on the shore and the waves crash over and round me but I remain intact.

CW never used any other devices than floating: this feeling that you are being carried along effortlessly by an unseen force.

I think it is good to choose whatever works for us tactically that is in keeping with CW's strategy.

Of course, we should not have to use these devices for ever, they should lead to recovery.

Until the next time anyway for those whose anxiety is inherited and likely to return from time to time. Then we repeat the tactic whether walking through fire, floating or being the immovable rock on the shore that endures the storm tossed seas.

Yes, I do like walking through fire and becoming tempered by the flames.

sweetiepye in reply to Jeff1943

Do you know if her book is still being published?

Jeff1943 in reply to sweetiepye

Yes, sweetiepie, all her books continue to be published: in the last few years there have been 1,600 reader reviews on Amazon.

The book I recommend is her first book titled 'Self help for your nerves' in the U.K. and 'Hope and help for your nerves' in the U.S. both available new or used from Amazon or e-bay.

This first book, a slim volume devoid of scientific terms, sets out her recovery plan in simple terms: Face - Accept - Float - Let time pass.

Well worth revisiting!

sweetiepye in reply to Jeff1943

The beautiful thing about her books is the simplicity . As you know when your fear is over whelming and your anxiety is on high alert ,concentration goes out the window. I am so happy you brought CW to our forum . It could help many others here. Pam

primrose81 in reply to Jeff1943

But surely if you are a rock you would be weathered by the storm, moulded by the waves and ultimately smoothed by all their breaking over you? Sorry don't know where I am going with this analogy

Agora1 in reply to primrose81

I hear you primrose :) xx

Jeff1943 in reply to primrose81

But in the lifespan of a human the rocks on the shore hardly change. I'll settle for that.

A few years ago, I found the exact location on the coast of Cornwall where 80 years previously my father had taken a photo of my mother on their honeymoon. In the background were the rocky outcrops of the shore line. Comparing the 1936 photo with the one I took all those years later I was moved by how those rocky outcrops were identical despite the passing of the years.

primrose81 in reply to Jeff1943

Wow now that is amazing

None of those feelings are important, notnervous, they are only feelings, they are fake. You realised that after your trips to ER.

Anxiety is a great trickster, it bombards you with fake health issues because your nervous system has become highly sensitised. May I suggest you stop stressing and obsessing over them, they thrive on attention.

Instead accept them for the time being. Acceptance replaces fear so no matter how long or deeply you have suffered you can recover the former you.

I say accept.

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