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Anxiety Taking Over My Life

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I am new here but just looking for help. I've run out of options. I have struggled with anxiety for about 6 years now, I am now twenty and my anxiety is at a peak. I have been to therapy, done medication, meal plans, exercise, affirmations and everything else but nothing has made my anxiety go away. I lay in bed at night and wonder why I can't be normal. I suffer from vertigo which makes me dizzy which makes me anxious which is now all the time. I struggle at work and at school, now I even struggle at home. My dizziness wont go away and I just keep thinking "You're gonna faint, you're gonna faint" and then I have a full blown anxiety attack. I try to breathe and stop it but my head starts spinning and I'm done for. I've been able to cope with it for years but it's gotten so bad that I'm afraid that I'll become an introvert and never recover. I need help or advice or a solution to this before my world goes up in flames. I can't go out to parties, I can't go to the store. I can't even walk across campus without having a panic attack. Can someone please help? At least give me hope that I can beat this somehow? Just any advice on how you've helped your anxiety. Please.

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Howdy Lee! I'm Brian and welcome to our little community! Well, first question I have is: What is normal? Everybody's definition of normal is different. You are you, and you are special. If you feel like a panic attack is coming on, find some place that you feel safe. Close your eyes and focus on slowing your breathing. Find a happy thought and use that as your anchor until the attack passes. Listening to soothing music or drinking a soothing beverage might also help, It's all about relaxation.

Life is a question of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter. :)

A friend,

Brian :)

I can relate to how you are feeling. I was the same way but with medication and therapy mine is much better. My only comment would be on your medication. There are many medicine options out there and if one doesn't work another might work fine. Have you discussed with your doctor a different medicine?

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leewilliam in reply to kateba

I’m just afraid to go on a daily medication. I just feel like that’s masking the problem and not facing it. I haven’t talked to my doctor about it though

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kateba in reply to leewilliam

It's not masking the problem, it's correcting a chemical imbalance in your brain. I felt the same way and avoided medication. It's good to face a problem head on like that, but it doesn't work, I know because I tried. I have been on medication now 20 years and I would never go without it. Please talk to your doctor about it. Once you find something that works for you you will never want to go back to feeling how you do now.

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Medication is not for everyone, and I too am hesitant about it. However, I read somewhere that when doctors prescribe medication it is because they believe the benefit will outweigh the side effects. Medicine and a combination of therapy and positive affirmations, plus breathing exercises could be helpful. You are not alone!

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I've always been afraid to take medication too. I never thought I could handle it & I didn't want to end up becoming attached to it, but it really has helped me. I wouldn't completely rule it out. Glad you're here with us to talk about things. <3


When I first posted about my own anxiety an app called DARE by Barry McDonagh literally saved my life... Its been over a week and I have had zero count them, zero panic attacks. Its something about that app and that man's voice. You can get it in the app store for android or the apple store for iOs. I hope this helps. Much love Tranquil ❤

My therapist told me to close my eyes and breathe put yourself in a safe place in your mind and relax I know everything is probably easier said than done but just take it one day at a time and things will get better I have my moments I think in the morning is when it hit me but later the day I get better over time it's so hard though but I just want to encourage you and it will be okay it may feel like you're dying and going crazy but you're not

You might try switching doctors and medication till you find that Fit? I did that many times, right now what's been helping is Mirtazapine prescription medication. Try to get someone to recommend a counselor for you. Sounds like you've try many different things. Do this and see what happens? You've nothing to lose but anxiety

Good morning Lee! I know exactly what you are going through. I suffered from vertigo 3 years ago and it triggered panic and anxiety. I am so much better now! Although not fully recovered, I am a work in progress. No one truly can understand panic and anxiety unless they have lived it. Before mine began, I would have been one of those who said get hold of yourself and move on. But after 3 years of this mess, I can truly feel your pain. Mine is a long story that I don't have time to write out right now, but I will get back on here tonight and tell you all the details, I just wanted you to know that you CAN and WILL get better. I promise you that. If I can get better, anyone can. I just finished reading a book from amazon called Anxiety Panicking about Panic by Joshua Fletcher. If you like to read, this is a great book. Hang in there my friend. God loves you and is going to bring you through this. Although we can't understand why we are going through these trials, we can trust that God is using this to better us in ways we may not understand.

Have you resd Mind over Mood? Regularly writing my anxious thoughts and replacing them right away with a positive thoughts is huge for me. Yoga has also saved my life. I've also learned how sensitive my fear response is so I tell myself to feel the fear and just fo it.

I'm not sure if this is all that different from advice already posted, but one of the ways I like best of coping with my fears and anxiety is by going to my mind palace. It's like a safe space, but I've gone an extra step to create rooms, add objects that make me happy, change furniture around, basically make a room based on memory of happy things. Kind of like a life simulator in my head. The work of imagining it alone helps take my mind off things. Hope that's at least a little helpful!

Keep talking about it and it will pass. Anxiety is a motivator to get through the struggle. All of the sudden you will have answers and that will make you happier. I use scriptures and although it can be hard I notice relief comes back quick by trusting God.

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