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First timer in support group


So I just joined this thing. I am still don't know how it works. But I am looking for support from people who understand. I have been through depression and in my life I can be easily feeling down and deep by any sad event. Just recently I got diagnosed by Major Depression Disorder after tiring effort trying to look for a therapist I can feel comfortable with. I was shocked. I thought I was only having a heartbreak or bereavement or loss or grieve or something like that. Now I know why lots of times in my life I easily feel down and in deep sadness by stressful/sad events. I am still trying to accept it. It is a struggle. Every hour is a fight trying to survive. I feel constantly sad, hopeless, soul-less, tired, unenthusiastic, in pain, lonely. Why does it worth to live feeling this way?

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Hang in there bluecoco. I know very well how those thoughts can creep in. I struggle with them daily. I heard something recently that helps me some when I’m really having trouble. It said “You are not your thoughts.” I know that sounds weird, but it really kinda makes sense. We can choose to be more than just our thoughts, by doing something to distract us from those thoughts. Maybe take a walk, read an uplifting book, sit in the sun. But I do hear you...and pray your day gets better!

bluecoco in reply to Needafriend

Hey thank you for your reply. "You are not your thoughts" is a nice one because I've been thinking is all I am is my depression or I am more than that. I began to questioning myself. Thinking maybe this is me, all this thoughts, the true me. It is a difficult time.

Needafriend in reply to bluecoco

Yes, it’s tough when the thoughts start taking over. But just telling yourself that you are more than than just your thoughts somehow helps. I guess it gives some logic to this disorder. I’m the type of person that wants to know why things happen, too. But knowing there’s more to me, and I’m a worthy person for reasons outside of my depression/anxiety (thoughts), helps. But it’s still a struggle every single day!!!

Welcome bluecoco ✨ I’m glad you’re here.

I was diagnosed with Major Depression Disorder in 2008.

It’s a rough journey & support is needed.

Best of luck to you.

bluecoco in reply to brokenlight

hey thank you. It is still rough even after years?

brokenlight in reply to bluecoco

Unfortunately yes, but I also have a diagnosis of a panic disorder & PTSD.

Feeling the same. In a funk and can’t seem to get out of it. Trying to shake it off by talking about it. Here to listen to you too.

bluecoco in reply to Bonbontree

hi.. thank you for saying that, sorry for the late reply. yeah it is hard isnt it. we can talk if you want to, you can chat me anytime

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