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First time joining a support group:


Hello everyone! This is my very first time joining a support group of any kind.. I have been dealing with so much stuff through out my life and I guess it was time to reach out. I am only 18 so It's kind of sad that this is all i've got so far.. I suffer from anxiety, social anxiety and depression so theres a lot I would love to talk about.. so happy I've found this website.

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I'm happy sheera12 that you took that first step forward in getting help and support for yourself when you joined this forum. You will find an amazing group of men and women who truly care about each other. It is a safe place to come to and talk openly about your issues. We have a lot of people your age who can directly relate to your worries. That along with talking to more experienced members who have been through those issues and succeed is a bonus.

Whenever you feel comfortable sheera, we are only a message away. You've begun your

journey forward. :) xx

I’m happy you found it as well! I literally posted for the first time only a few days ago and I have received so much support and advice that was much needed. My anxiety and depression often left me feeling lonely and hopeless. But here, you are never alone. There are so many kind individuals in this community. It is a great place to vent, seek advice without judgment, and encourage others in their journey. We’re here whenever you’re ready.

Welcome to our forum. You will find a lot of understanding people here that you can relate to and a lot of support.


Welcome. I hope you find the support you need here.

Its never too late to reach out for help. Anytime you are ready to share, we are here for you.

Hey Sheera,

I just joined today and I've wanted to join a support group for a while but could never muster to attend one in person so I thought this was the next best thing. Hope this is working out for you.

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