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Help me please

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My sister had severe pp and delirium episode ,after a long stressful painful journey of psychotic medication now she has severe depression ,tried to commit suicide ,hospitalised for this and prescribed antideprissant and anti psychotic and benzodiazepines but she still have tought of suicide she told me i can control them but I am afraid she obey the voice that tell her to do so ,my question is can a person have these thought even if on anafranil ,nodep and seroquel and temesta please please help me and tell me is it possible do anyone experience this and he is now fine

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I know you must be terrified for your sister. It does sound like she’s getting help - medications, treatment.

If you are in the U.S., google NAMI. That’s the National Association for Mental Illness. They have some resources for family members.

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Thanks a lot kat63,but I m in Morocco ,I really feel terrified and don t now how to help her

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If she sees a doctor, would you be able to ask her doctor how you can help?

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The doctor ask her to take the medecines and stay a month then be back ,I hope the thoughts of suicide decrease ,we have nothing to do but wait and stay near her

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