Please help me to help my brother

Morning everyone. I have just joined the group simply because i am in some kind of a situation. My brother who is a year older than me tried to commit suicide and fortunately he was found on time. my big problem is that i am trying to find ways to get him to talk about the problems that led him to this position. He is not that person who will openly talk about his issues, i got him to speak to a psychologist at the hospital where he was admitted and that was also a mission. I don't know how to talk to him, i don't know his problems and mostly i don't know how to help him and i am scared he will try to commit suicide again.

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  • Your brother is suffering greatly I know because I have attempted before and been hospitalized many times. The best thing you can do for him is be available for him and talk with him as much as possible and don't stop. Showing and saying that you care for him is more powerful than you realize. You don't always have to talk about how he's feeling but you certainly can ask whether he shares or not. Just talk about anything with him. Sorry to hear you are going through this. But if you show compassion for him it will help.

  • Thank you so much. I somehow understand what hes going through because I myself have attempted before and now I am fine but i now again take my depression pills to calm myself down, like the the stress i had because of him.

  • Hello.. I know it is hard get someone to open up after they have been closed for so long that it built up to the point where he did not see any other way out.. I have been in his shoes.. tryed to commit suicide...and have also been in a clinic. It will be a slow process with your brother.. you just need to be there for him talk to him normally..... how are you doing.. how was your day.. just normal things.. hopefully he will get to the point where he does want to talk... when he does... just listen.. let him vent. Get everything out.. don't try to join the conversation at first or disagree with things he is saying as he is talking... when he does open up just listen till you feel it is time to join in. This is how I am.. the very few people in my life are not listeners.. they cut me off and it turns into an argument and a huge mess.

    Just have patience... hope this helps some.

  • God has given an opportunity to develop is really tough I know.It is not only words but gestures and being with him will can bring something say ice cream.your brother is scared and also terribly alone.Do something for him that he would be long and one of the most arduous tasks one faces.earning money is easy.but persistence pays.

  • Thank you guys, yesterday i tried to get him to talk to me and i was just asking him general question and making comment about something we see on tv. i guess its one step at a time.

  • Be there for him. Listen to his needs.

  • Be there for him and help him to build a support system. Most of the time when we are depressed we lack pepole to be able to reach out to. Once he gets stable on his meds, attend a couple of groups with him for support like a Depression group or a Celebrate Recovery group at a local church. Once he start realizing he's not alone and builds friendships, he will feel connected. We all need support and to feel loved <3

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