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Somebody please help me


I’m hoping somebody could help me or at least hear me out... I’m 19 with a baby my partner recently left us because I caught him cheating and now I’m finding it extremely difficult to move on. I have so many things I want to achieve this year (losing weight, learning to drive, get back into work, study etc) but I have no motivation to do so, inside I’m still really hurting and so I don’t want to do anything apart from lay in bed and shut myself off from the world. Please could somebody tell me how to stop wanting to feel this way and motivate me to actually start achieving some of these things.

My dream is to work with the police or more importantly the National Crime Agency and so I’ve been looking into that. I haven’t found the correct role for me and so I’ve started a course in criminal law. If anybody can offer me help and advice in getting into the field, it’ll be much appreciated

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Hello 👋🏼 Tanya-T, let your motivation be your baby keep busy I’m not gonna lie it’s is super hard to try to move on it hurts when someone you truly loved betrayed you it will take some time and it will definitely hurt but believe me you will get through it. One day you will wake up seeing a different perspective about him and think to yourself I’m gonna be okay. I recommend to keep busy just so you don’t feel down. I went through a divorce and I never thought I be able to move on I told my self how will I live without him I can’t I would freak me out but everyday got a little easier and now I am okay beside of this anxiety.

Tanya-T in reply to Lupi87

Thank you so much 💕

You’re just human and it’s normal to feel this way when life doesn’t go us we planned. Know that you are not alone. ❤️

I'm sorry your going through all that stuff. If I may suggest, I find that when all the stuff I want to or need to do piles all on top of each other, I don't seem to know where to start. Then I just want to sit down and watch TV. My suggestion is, one thing at a time. Heal your emotions first, as we are no good to ourselves or anyone else if we are in sh*t. Get some grief and learning to let go counselling for learning to cope with your loss. Then do the next step. We probably are capable of juggling a lot more at one time, but then we feel stressed and over whelmed trying to do too much, we give up. So just take baby steps if you can.

Tanya-T in reply to fauxartist

Such good advice, thank you so much 💖

Tanya cheaters are cheaters. A leopard doesn't change spots. It is hard to accept because we often blame ourselves.

It's not your blame to accept. It's a flaw in him. He hasn't acted mature. Hard questions do you want a life time of these ups and downs.

You and your baby deserve more.

You are a lot stronger than you realize. The pain is talking now.

As overwhelming as it seem you are responsible for the tiny precious life. If he's a cheater he will never be any help. Therefore why live in misery. One day the right man will sweep you both off your feet.

Everything in life is one day at a time - sometimes one hour at a time. Allow yourself to mourn the end of the relationship but than write down all the things your grateful for. Dont try to accomplish everything at once. Make a plan. Sometimes I just sit and repeat over and over "this too shall pass" and it will guaranteed.

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