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Need someone to talk to

I’m feeling super anxious.. just want someone to talk with about it. I keep having little moments of derealization, I try not to let it bother me and then it passes quickly. I’m honestly scared of that feeling and it makes me anxious. Then I start wondering what’s wrong with me and start to feel shameful for being so stuck in my head instead of fully enjoying my family.

I am doing a lot better with my anxiety tho, the more I learn about it. I have a very very supportive husband, have been listening to audible books on anxiety and counseling once a month or so. Just sometimes it feels like it’s all starting over and coming back again.

Any advice or someone to just talk to about it would be wonderful!

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Hi! I am here. When I feel derealization I try and focus on something else like I will get a crossword puzzle and work on it. If that doesn’t help I just go off to myself quietly close my eyes and breathe deep it helps. You are not alone. It’s super hard to function when you are focusing on trying to keep your head together and not have another panic/anxiety moment but we can do it. Right now its hard but soon we will be enjoying life and not evening remembering going through these moments. If your hubby is around try holding his hand it might help.


Thank you! It nice to know I’m not alone. It’s one of the hardest symptoms of anxiety. It makes me feel like something else is wrong(health anxiety). How long have you been dealing with it?


Hey, I also get these feelings and sometimes find it helpful to close my eyes, focus on the breath, and relax. Rinse and repeat until you feel "right". I know it's really uncomfortable and can cause anxiety to spike, but you've done so much right. Try not to let a few small hurdles hinder the work you've done. You have nothing to be ashamed and your family is likely applauding all of the work you've done to be where you are today.

A lot of the CBT books I've read preach embracing uncomfortable anxious moments without fighting them. Let it sit down and find a spot while you do your anxiety exercises. It'll get bored sitting in your personal "waiting room" and take off from boredom. It can leave a message with the receptionist who just so happens to be out at lunch. It's definitely a discipline because it's a struggle to be okay with uncomfortable feelings. Just a bit I've read. It sounds like you're doing all the right things. Try not to be discouraged and I hope you feel at least a little pride in where you are versus where you've been.

Hope you're feeling better and these derealization feelings find somewhere else to go. :)

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Hi Sweetpea446,

Good for you for seeking support on here and as well with other great resources! I am proud of you for what you are doing for yourself and the example it sets to others experiencing the same issues. You have nothing to be ashamed of! What books are you listening to that you find helpful?

Your feeling of it starting over and coming back again is understandable and realistic so it is all about how you manage it. Are you in therapy? Have you explored dietary changes? Here’s a great book that I am going to be using in a group with individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues, since you invest in reading perhaps you may find it beneficial: The Food-Mood Solution by Jack Challem. amazon.com/Food-Mood-Soluti...

I’m sure you will find it on Audible too!

Do you journal? I do daily but unlike most do...I start my entry with the date, then this sentence: Best blessing of my day... Then no matter how my day was or how I feel at that time, I intentionally look for the best blessing in my day because there is ALWAYS at least 1 even if it the ability to write! This is something I started on my birthday last year after years of journaling about everything, usually the bad, what I did not have, and what I wanted. I purchased a journal for my best friend on her birthday so that she would do the same and since our birthdays are a week apart, later this year on our birthdays part of our plan to celebrate is to look back at all God has done for us no matter the circumstances knowing He is working all things for our good.

I am here and happy to communicate with you! I will also include you in my prayers!

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Thank you so much for your encouragement! This support group has been helpful, when I start feeling anxious and find myself in my “emotional brain” I read through posts and it turns on my “logical thinking brain” helps kind of snap me out of an anxious feeling.

I read “fearless in 21 days” which was amazing especially if your a believer in God! It’s a day by day guid to being fearless. It talks about how you cant just take medications to heal yourself. You have to heal you mind, body, and spirit. For example taking medications or vitamins if needed, eating the right foods, exercising, counseling and support and of course spiritual healing.

The other book that has truly help me the most was “dare” i still go back and listen to chapters daily on my drive to work. It’s talks about changing the way you react to your anxious mind. It definitely helped me get to a less anxious place. I trust this method but I am still practicing it. I feel 100 times better than I did two months ago! Totally recommend this book!

I was going to counseling once a week and then every month but I live a hour and a half away so it’s hard to travel with my family (also I’m six months pregnant) and work. Honestly the book dare helped more than counseling. Although it was helpful for me to get a true diagnosis of anxiety as my health fears led me to think I was going crazy. Also she did give me so coping techniques. (But the book dare is more about healing anxiety rather than coping)

I’m glad you found journaling. What a great idea to write one good thing down a day! May I ask how long you have struggled with anxiety?

Thank you again for your support!


Hi again!

Well, in all honesty my anxiety started (but I did not realize it) somewhere in 2014. I do very well now...God is so GOOD and He took me out of a situation which was at the root cause. I love to read and will check out those books that you recommend.

I am so grateful to God that you are doing better. Again, God is GOOD and when we seek Him, stay close to Him, and trust Him our problems may not go away but our perspective changes and we KNOW that He will cause all things to work for our good no matter how bad they may be! (Romans 8:28 one of my favorite promises).

Congratulations on your pregnancy! A GIFT FROM GOD! Do you know what you are having?

Yes, understandable that is far to travel. Does your insurance cover counseling online? There are a few legitamate resources that may be a better option. I am happy to communicate with you! Bearing each other’s burdens...Galatians 6:2

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Im sorry you are dealing with this:( I know this feeling all too well, Anxiety is tough. I havent figured out what triggers it or how to get it to go away but I can tell you things that help me. Talk it out, (i talk with a therapist). You are fortunate to have someone supportive in your life. Share with your husband what you can so he understands some of what you are going through. Sometimes it is hard to talk to loved ones, Keep reaching out to others even if its this group. But what has been helping me most is writing those feelings in a journal the moment you feel that way. I just started doing this. It helps get it out of my head and somewhere else. I hope that you can find something that helps you . Always here if you need to chat. Feel better soon💓


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