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Need some reassurance

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Today was supposed to be a good day. I planned on going to the gym and then I had an appointment with my therapist. Anxiety had been building for a couple days after a really good couple days with the government shutdown.

I woke up and eventually got out of bed, and my dog collapsed. We took him to the emergency room and found out he was bleeding internally.

I had to cancel my gym appointment and therapy session to care for my good boy. Thankfully I just got word he got through the surgery and is resting.

Ever since we drove him to the hospital, my day has been up and down and it seems like I am really trying to force the ups. There have even been a few times where I have thought this struggle isn't even worth it cause life is meaningless anyways. Luckily these thoughts are fleeting and I remind myself that life is not meaningless. I truly believe that everyone of us is here for a reason even if we dont understand that reason.

I managed to get to work and have already scheduled a new appointment with my therapist.

Sorry for the bit of a ramble but just had to get a few things out there. Any advice or reassurance would be awesome.


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I’m glad that your pup is doing well. Sometimes when I think life seems meaningless, I remember that to our dogs and pets, we mean the world. Your day sounds like it was overwhelming but you made it through the changes to routine and the scary stuff!! Well done!

I am glad your pup is doing okay & recovering. Never fine when we have to take our furry friends to ER... we had to take our cat last month & it was diffcult, especially with my anxiety already high... luckily it was an UI & she's doing fine. I hope your therapy appt. is soon... sorry the gov shut down has your anxiety high... Are you effected by it? My mom works for TSA & my brother in law works for the forestry dept... both have savings that they are eating into... I hope it gets resolved soon. Hope the pup comes home soon... seeing his happy face will sure make you smile.💛

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