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My cat

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I have three cats, I have had two of them for 6 years and the third one I just got last month. We realized last night that one of my cats that I’ve had for 6 years was missing. He is not an outdoor cat, never has been. We rescued him from a shelter and got him declawed. He is gentle and sweet and not at all okay to go outside on his own. I’ve looked in every room of the house and I’ve looked outside and I can’t find him anywhere. He’s literally just disappeared. Before yesterday I hadn’t been at home for about 4 days. So I have no idea how long he’s even been missing. I’ve contacted my friends and some people through social media to keep a look out. Tomorrow I think I’m going to contact my neighbors. I’m very sad that we can’t find him and I have no idea where he could have gone.

If he doesn’t appear or come home then my mental health is going to get so much worse. It’s already been pretty bad but my animals help a little bit. I had to give my dog up this year when my mom passed away and I had him for about 10 years. Now my favorite cat in the world might never come home and might be missing forever and I feel like crying for hours. I’m worried and I’m sad and I’m scared for him because if he was here at the house then he hasn’t eaten for at least a day, and he eats 2-3 times a day usually.

I don’t know what to do to find him or bring him home or even to see if he’s hidden in my house. If he doesn’t come back I’ll be so upset and I’ll be extremely unhappy. Life has been so very difficult lately and if he is gone I’ll be truly convinced that my life is absolutely awful for no reason. Everything bad seems to happen to me.

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I’m so sorry to hear that one of your Cats had wondered.

I rescued a 14 year old cat and she got out after 6 days and was never an outdoor cat. I got her back 5 weeks and 2 days later! She wasn’t far at all always in the area across the road!

First thing is to put a litter tray outside your door to spread the scent and also hang out any bedding or something with your and the cats scent in them.

Best time to look is as the sun is going down and quieter and search locally around the immediate area. Take out a bag of treats to shake or something that you can use to get their attention that they would be used to hearing you open to treat them.

Stay hopeful and ask neighbours to keep eye out for them and to contact you straight away if they see them.

There is lots of information online on other tips for helping find your cat.

I hope they return home soon. They won’t be far from your home at all.

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iriss in reply to JaiGee

I put some towels and pillow cases outside, I might put a litter tray out after that if he’s still missing. I’m going to go tomorrow night outside at night with a flashlight to see if I can reflect it on his eyes. I’m having my dad and brother tell the neighbors today. I put it on social media and made sure people in my area knew. I hope he comes back soon. He might be in the house, but I don’t know if he is or not.

I'm so sorry that you can't find your cat! I hope he returns to you safe and sound very soon.

My pets cause anxiety for me more than any other trigger, so I can totally relate to what you are feeling .

Best wishes!

Your post has made me very angry and extremely upset! Didn't you know that declawing a cat is inhumane and I am surprised you could find a vet who would do it! It can cause cats deep psychological issues as well as leaving it defenceless. This could be why it has wondered off.

Please never get a cat declawed ever again. As a passionate cat lover this is always cruel and unnecessary. I hope your cat is ok, but without the means to defend itself....who knows.

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iriss in reply to hypercat54

Okay then? I am 16 years old and I got my cat when I was 10. I didn’t actively hurt my cat so please piss off right now thank you. This post isn’t about my “inhumane actions” it’s about my mental health. If I wanted to know if my actions were humane I’d post about that, yeah? Thanks though.

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hypercat54 in reply to iriss

Well whoever declawed your cat needs telling then. Never think it's ok to do that to a poor cat please. But that is probably why it wondered off coz of psychological damage. This is giving you advice which you asked for, so please don't become abusive with me.

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iriss in reply to hypercat54

He has been fine for 6 years so I don’t know why he would have psychological damage now. My other cat is declawed and she’s perfectly fine. My friends have cats that are declawed that are perfectly fine. Thanks for the advice.

Wow...did you ever stop to consider maybe it had been declawed when she got it? Maybe it was adopted from a shelter...maybe a stray...maybe she got it from a friend? We are supposed to be here to support each other emotionally. I'm pretty sure there are thousands of other places for you to judge, preach, and lecture from your high horse. The people on this site are judged enough in real life, they don't need it here, which could quite possibly be the only safe place they have.

Also...the cat did not run off bc of psychological damage from being declawed SIX YEARS AGO. You really had to reach to make a case to blame her, didn't you? Blame, shaming, and gaslighting are the last thing the people on this site need. Most of us have dealt with quite a bit of that from the narcissists in our lives, and don't need it f om an online SUPPORT group.

I totally agree with you, should NEVER do that to cats. It's so cruel!

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dee_bells in reply to hypercat54

Omg, she is missing her cat and you’re complaining about declawing?????? You’re the one that’s inhumane. Go stand in the corner like the toddler you’re behaving like.

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iriss in reply to dee_bells

Them commenting that I’m basically a horrible person for having my cats declawed is just making me feel worse.... it’s not like I can just put their claws back in ? It’s too late now ? I’m not posting to talk about the status of my cats claws I’m posting about the effect of my missing pet on me.

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dee_bells in reply to iriss

I know that and I get it. Ignore them. You’re not a horrible person. You’re concerned cuz your kitty has no claws and may have gotten outside.


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iriss in reply to dee_bells

Exactly. I was also TEN when we got the cats, so it’s not like I had much say in it at all. I’m not sure why they’re freaking over something I can’t change or fix.

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dee_bells in reply to iriss

That’s their issue, not yours. Do not think about them. Stay on here and share with updates. Hugs. 😘😘

Just been googling about declawing cats and found this.

I am in the UK which is firmly against the declawing of cats (illegal anyway without a very good reason) which is probably why I am so horrified. To me no cat lover can possible consider that it is ok as it is maiming your cat.

She was 10 when she got the cat...and 16 now...give her some time, I'm sure it takes a lot of practice to become as perfect as you.

Iriss, I’m sorry about your cat. I hope you find him. I have an indoor cat and she’s so snoopy she gets in locked in cabinets. It sends me into a panic and then I hear her bell on her collar.

We watch the doors cuz she will try to sneak out. Now that it’s cold she won’t step in the snow.

Open every door and cabinet in the house then walk your neighborhood with dry food in a container. My cat gets a snack and she comes running.

Ignore these people about declawing, they’ve missed the point of your post. What’s done is done. Shaming you doesn’t help.

Keep us updated. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Catlover aka Dee

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iriss in reply to dee_bells

Thank you. I agree, it’s not helping me at all to tell me I’m inhumane and horrible.

I’ve got food bowls outside and one in the basement in case he’s down there. I recently put three towel/pillow cases outside where he might be to see if he will smell them and come closer to the house. I told my dad to inform the neighbors and I posted about him to my story with pictures of him.

I’ve checked all of the beds and he’s not in them, I have not checked the couches because the area underneath is so small and he’s pretty chubby. I’ll see about those areas though. I’ll probably go out at night with some food and a flashlight tomorrow night to see if he’s there at all. I know their eyes are reflective and usually indoor cats do not roam too far away. If he’s not shown up by tomorrow I think I’ll also call the local veterinarian offices or shelters to see if anyone reports a cat being dropped off. I might put some posters up but I don’t know how effective that would be.

My cat is very skittish and very nervous, and he doesn’t like new people at all. That’s why I’m so surprised that he’s just gone. I don’t know if he went outside because I doubt that he would just up and leave, but he doesn’t seem to be in the house anywhere. I’m going to keep looking.

I had a bowl stationed on the side of the house and it was eaten out of between yesterday and today. I know there’s at least one stray cat that runs around (possibly a barn cat from one of my neighbors?) and that cat might have eaten the food. But I haven’t seen that cat around for months. I’ll keep everyone updated.

If we find him, I’ll make sure to get him a collar with a bell or a harness thing or something so that when he moves it makes noise. I will see about getting some for my current cats too.

(By a harness I just mean something that goes around their neck and stomach, I have one around the house somewhere. It probably sounds a lot worse than it is)

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dee_bells in reply to iriss

I know you’re afraid you’ll be attacked for saying “harness.” No worries here.

Sounds like you’re doing everything possible. Search the house at night when it’s quiet. My cat wanders around the house at night.

And do call or check your shelters.

My snoopy cat was locked in our pantry for about 10 hours until I heard a faint meow. She’s not that vocal. That happened a couple months ago. And I heard her bell.

I know how you feel and I’m hoping you find your kitty. ❤️❤️

Your cat could be upset that the new cat is there,, and it is hiding in your house somewhere.

Have you checked in the material under/up of your couch and box springs

It’s truly amazing that cats can hide so nobody can find them.

My cat did that for 2 days and I looked everywhere... he just showed up one day sleeping in my bed.

Hope you find him and keep us posted

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iriss in reply to Notame

That is a good point. I figured that since my new cat has been there for a month that my old cats were fine with it. He might be jealous or upset because I always cuddled him and picked him up whenever I saw him and now I spend a lot of time with the new cat to make sure she’s okay. I explained a lot in my reply to dee_bells, if you want to take a look at that. The space to get under my couches is really small so I don’t think he’d go there. I’m not sure. I won’t stop looking though.

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Notame in reply to iriss

You would be surprised the small spaces even chubby cats can get into.

I sincerely hope you find your fur baby!

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iriss in reply to Notame

I will definitely look there. Thank you.

Hi Iriss. I can tell you really love your cat. I'm sorry that he hasn't been found yet. Best of luck to you.

Hey oh no I’ve been through this when my indoor furbaby accidentally got out . The poor thing stayed in one place somewhere because she was absolutely frightened... but what worked is spreading her used litter outside all around the house walls . She came back soon after x if she is indoor she hopefully will be to scared to go far x I’m sorry ☹️ keep us updated ♥️

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iriss in reply to

That’s a good idea thank you. I’ll try that tomorrow. I put some things that might smell like us outside, along with some food. Did your cat sort of just come around the house after you put the litter out there ?

in reply to iriss

She just came in front of our back door .. just came into our garden . They can smell their scent from very far away x

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iriss in reply to

I will definitely try that tomorrow. I have two cats that use the same litter box, would that work too? They’re both friendly and they were rescued together. Maybe that would help?

Also I thought my other cat would be more panicked, what do you think?

in reply to iriss

Im not sure about that one because I only have one . Try it anyway if the missing one used it

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