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Lost I need some help


I have struggled with depression for about 10 years now. Since I was 15. I have been in a relationship with someone for 12 months and lived with him and his mum for 9. And just recently got our own house. So far it's been nothing but arguing and stress. My partners dad died end of last year from cancer. He's also having trouble with his mum now and money issues. I'm not sure why I'm so depressed again?

We've both changed and it's killing me. I'm that depressed I can't even feel sad about it. My partner is angry at me all the time for being depressed and says he needs me to show him love... But I just can't for some reason.... Then he talks about leaving and killing himself over this. Please I need help someone on what to do :(

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This a very sad situation am sorry your going trew this have you guys seek counseling perhaps this can help there's a bit of trauma going on with a loss of grief...another thing honestly pray .....thats all I did when I battle with depression and lil by lil my heart felt healing it takes time my husband was broken by seeing me depressed not eating not caring for life so he prayed for me to be heal and I as well did the same cuz I wanted the chain of depression to be broken so I can be the wife I use to be...loving fun and caring .

Thank u for your advice x I'm actually seeing my counsellor again next week. I haven't checked in with her in a year. I want my partner to get help but I don't think he will do it. When I suggest it he says he not depressed and it's just his personality. But other time he says he is depressed :( how long do I keep going on like this?

How long have you guys been together

1 year. We've only had our own place 3 weeks, before we were living with his Mum. That was fine. Everything was like a fairy tale before this last month, also he has a lot of problems with his mum over money ATM too :( we all had a huge fight the other week and she threatened to shoot herself and we had to take the gun off her

That seems like a lot for u to deal with what's keeping u there...seems unhealthy can be toxic.

Well we don't live with his mum anymore ao that parts all good. What should I do? I don't want to breakup just cuz we've had a stressful month

It's so hard since I deal with depression and now he is too with all that's going on

I would suggest couples counseling then take it from there don't do impulsive desions ever.

He said he doesn't want counselling. He just wants me to "love" him. It's hard when I'm struggling ATM :/

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