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Am I the only one ?

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Am I the only one who has tried to figure out themselves why they think like they do or why your mind is like it is? I find myself trying to diagnose myself. All the mental health facilities I've been to dont help and it's as if I'm not crazy enough for help but I know something isnt normal. Have u tried to find a therapist but they all either cost too much or they aren't accepting new patients. I've been trying to get help for so many year but still have yet to find any. I've even had a therapist at a place out of my county try to prescribe me pills but when I looked em up they weren't what he said they were so I questioned him and he really said he didnt know. Things like that dont help my mental health. Do I find it hard to trust ppl? I do I at times wonder how a person of a certain profession not know basic things I know they should know. Am I the only one that worries and never feels safe. All the evil in this world scares the hell out of me and I see how our people who are supposed to protect us or make sure we are ok do things unimaginable. Its hard to believe anything the idiot box shows it says. I know if ppl would just pay attention to truths of this world thing could change for the better. How can the president say build a walk around this stolen country? My pet peeve is ignorant ppl. We have Google,yahoo,bing ect. How could someone not know anything or let someone tell them anything! I just need one genuine person to care enough and I might have just found one!!

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Hi if you were the only person in the world to feel like this then you would be the only person in the world! Everyone does this to a greater or lesser degree and it's good unless you take it to extremes. x

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