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What would u do if you were doing most everything right but u still wasnt being treated fairly? What if things were happening to you that u didnt understand and when u try to explain it to people they just tell u it's all in your head? What do u do if everywhere you turn for help you never can find any? What if so much has happened to you that your afraid all the time and dont know who u can genuinely trust? Would u think your going crazy or would you continue to seek help knowing from experience u wont find any. What if you were put in a situation that u had no control over and everyone treats you bad but u know all you've been doing is what your supposed to be doing? What if everyone just lies to u about any and everything. What if u worry so much that it makes u dont wanna go outside or be around anyone. What if u came from a life of chronic homelessness and so much has happened to u that you cant get out of the survival mode you learned in the streets to keep u safe. What if u constantly felt like u had to look over your shoulder cause you've been through so much and u know the ills of the world so u cant help but move cautious. What if u never sleep at night because u have a fear of something happening and u know alot of ppl do negative things at night. What if everybody even family keep their distance from u but u never did anything to them. What if u felt like the world is against u. What if you changed your life totally around but ppl still judge u for your behaviors as a youth. What if you tell the truth and you mature and do all you can to be the best u possible but nobody cares.Does the truth really set u free. What if u just want to help ppl and use what you've been through to help youth not make those same mistakes but u dont know how. What if u were a concious person and saw the world for what it is and it scares u.What would u do if u weren't being treated fairly in all aspects of your life.If you were all alone in this world cause everyone has turned their backs who would u call on. What if u are spiritual but all the religious places youve tried to become apart of judged you or didnt accept u.What if God wouldn't let u do thing on your own terms but u saw no way out of your own head? What if you just gave up and acted out how u felt to demand your respect.What if you love on ppl u know dont love u back the same. What if it was all on your head and things do work out and u can a will find happiness. What if no matter what your God makes a way. What if the Lordbis really testing you. What if you pray so hard for your life to become better. What if your the best parent for your children but ur only allowed to do so much. What if one of the people on this site could change your life or help u change it in a positive way. What if u u just wanna love and be loved but u cant find the one. What if no matter what u keep your head held high and keep being u cause u know which u are and you know God has your back. What if u just ignore all the hate and just focus on what matters to u. What if u just need a helping hand but u see u might just have to make a way alone. What if everyone would just be kind to one another. What if..........

Goodmorning Everyone I hope u have a blessed day and ask yourself what u can do to help someone today. Love your ppl and be strong!💪🏿 one love!👌🏿✌🏿💯

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That would be a fabulous rap sort of Oasis style

God bless u

Yeah. Real life raps are better!

Donndonn, You are a powerful speaker of words. Words, that through

your own experience in life could and I believe will, change the lives of

other young men. Your determination is going to take you in the right

direction. There are many men who have beat the odds of their childhood

and become strong mentors for our youth.

They say we learn from our own life experiences but now it's time for you

to share that with others. Don't give up. Find people who like yourself

believe in a cause and allow them to take you under their wing. You have

a lot of "what ifs" in your life and as with anxiety, it can stifle you. Believe in

what you can do to make a difference in this world and it will happen for you.

Stay safe, stay positive and stay strong. :) x

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Donndonn1980 in reply to Agora1

Your right my anxiety physically cripples me and prevents me from just going for it. I second guess everything or dont trust it. It's an exhausting cycle that I have to get out of. If only it were that easy. Everyone says amazing things when they read my words or see how i can explain them. Ppl dont realize if I had the mental space to really be able to focus on writing or go after my goals I know I could do great things. I'm too busy living in a environment that all I can do is try and stay alive daily. That's how I feel and it's not fun. I just wish I could know I'm ok I guess have peace of mind and I could go on to help others and change lives. If I'm given the opportunity I will change live no doubt!!

What if there is no god or you don't believe in him?

What if you really thought about how were we created and how so perfect. What if u could explain how the pyramids got here and why everything in life has a reason for existing. What if I told most of the info we've learned is bs!

Well I would agree with you on your last point! :) x

:) :p x

Do not let others get in the way of that beautiful caring heart you have. God knows all that you do in His name. I promise He will not let you down. Be a star that shines the light for others to find the path to Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord.

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Donndonn1980 in reply to Emily16

I have no words. Your absolutely right. Just need to be reminded at times. Thanx Emily!💪🏿💯

Yep ppl should stop judging, bullying, telling you what to do. Ppl should accept you for what you are and the good things that you can do...but they don't. It'd be a different world if they did

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