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Accountability update

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Called my previous therapist’s office as i had planned, to learn that she had retired (not surprised). When i asked if other clinicians would have access to my file so that i wouldn’t have to tell my whole story again, i found that they are not taking on new clients. Went to plan B which was to contact the behavioral health connected with my primary care doctor - also not taking new clients. I just don’t feel up to searching out a new therapist right now ugh! Now hows this for anxiety was fairly in check today. When i thought about it, i actually tried to feel it and wondered where it went. Have you ever done that? Is that strange? It’s like it was a part of me that was missing....not that i actually miss IT! I had to see a relative today who is often a trigger for me, and also had these disappointing phone calls. Not sure what is next, but i will try and let it be for now.

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