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How do I delete my account?


I just joined, but I'm feeling worse. My daughters and I all have depression. I decided to stick my toe in the water here before sending them over, but since I feel worse, I want to delete my account. How do I do that?

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Go to your settings and scroll to the bottom, it should say, " I want to close my account."

4aReason in reply to book_life

thank you

Can I just talk to myself, here? This site is very depressing. :( I think you're right. You better leave. It is better to be alone than to reach out and feel like everyone is so wrapped up with their own problems that no one cares.

abc30 in reply to 4aReason

This is also my opinion

4aReason in reply to abc30

I'm sorry that I was such a downer. I am feeling a little more positive at the moment. I hope you are too.

abc30 in reply to 4aReason

Thank you for your replay, I'm OK, but I maintain my opinion which is the same with yours.

4aReason in reply to abc30

I get it. It makes sense.I had to give up on finding help here and start replying to other people's posts, out of boredom, to start feeling like I was making a little headway. Offline, I usually find when I help others, it ends up helping me.

Gretajetta in reply to 4aReason

No one will get cured here. I think it’s good to talk about what we do and feel. I personally feel better talking about it and feel ashamed talking about it to family and close friends. Here everyone understands and gives their input and tries to help.

4aReason in reply to Gretajetta

Thank you.

Gretajetta in reply to 4aReason

I think everyone that writes on here is doing great by reaching out and talking about what they are going through. I don’t think anyone’s point is to depress everyone. I think everyone that is on here cares or they wouldn’t be on here. Of course we don’t personally know each other but I think that’s what makes this good. We can’t see who we are talking to but we can express our feelings. I think it’s hard to go to a therapist face to face and talk about what we do or feel. This is a site


Express our self.

4aReason in reply to Gretajetta

Thank you for explaining that.

i don’t think that’s the case dear yes we all have our own problems but i joined this group to reach out and vent but also to help others so your not alone maybe no ones seen your posts but trust me i joined this a couple days ago and it takes time for people to comment on stuff but theirs people on here willing to talk to you


Don't leave yet without giving it a shot, we're great listeners and you can get some really great advices here, just stay a while

thanks a lot.

No prob, glad you're still here

I understand. I have felt that way when perhaps I posted and didn’t the replies I was searching for or read something that just triggered something in my past.

For me, commenting on others posts has made it easier. But, I still take breaks from using this app or obsessing about or relying on it.

There are other websites that might be more suited to your needs. Or, you might need other services. I know my medications and therapy (individual and group) and my church has helped me tremendously.

It’s difficult when mental health issues run in families. You feel the weight in your own life but almost feel worse seeing it in someone you love. Your heart breaks for them.

Best of luck to you in your journey.

I hope you find the resources, coping techniques, and lifestyle that helps transform your life and manage your depression. There is hope, I believe, even when we don’t feel it.

Thank you. hat other resources were you thinking of?

You’re welcome. Oh geez - I’m sorry for not responding sooner.

1. PsychCentral - website with online support groups. Organized differently than this website with specific forums you can join rather than just a continuous stream of content. It has some distraction word games that you can play that I liked. An older website... I used it a lot.

2. TribeTherapy - website with kind of a similar thing. I didn’t give it a chance. Didn’t like it.

3. Brené Brown - look her up. She has TEDtalks on her research about vulnerability and shame. Watch them.

4. Cognitive distortions list -

5. Meditation Apps - 2 options; Headspace or Calm. I preferred Calm. Meditation allows you a moment to sit, focus on breathing, allow your thoughts to come into your mind without judgment (come and go), and you can get walked through a technique (like going through how you feel at the top of your head, elbows, and whatever until your feet) or mental visualization (like a warm ball of light starting small in your hands stretching out across the universe).

6. YouTube Channel - School of Life (I like some of their videos. They have a narrator with a nice voice and explain certain things. I don’t agree with all their content, but check it out).

7. Book: Depression: A Cognitive Approach (2017 Tomlinson, Geoff, Slater,

8. Website for those with families struggling with addiction: (I would recommend researching this in your local area).

9. Crisis Text Line: (there are others; it just depends on where you live).

10. (This is website for the national domestic violence hotline.)

11. Melancholia (Rated R 2011 movie) It’s about depression in this woman. Idk why I liked it, but I did.

12. Quora - it’s a question-answer type website with a similar stream of continuous content but any topic. I personally found some wisdom refreshing from the author Dushka Zapata. See if you like it.

I recommend research. Learn more about whatever is the diagnosis or life situation, read articles, watch videos, look for resources near you or your kids (local free things), and take action? I guess follow-through is important is what I’m trying to say.

As a parent, it’s difficult to see our children go through these things and be limited in how we guide them. We can’t just save them. It’s like, they have to decide for themselves to accept help. But, I think informing your children just with small things of encouragement, a movie or a book that was good, or resources that are there for them can make a difference? Idk.

As a child, my mom getting me therapy was the best thing that helped me. My perspective on who I was, what I thought about myself, and how I viewed my current circumstances were all automatic thoughts I didn’t realize i could change. I didn’t realize those core beliefs, distorted thoughts, and negative self talk were hurting me and that they weren’t true. Therapy and meds taught me how to see that and problem-solve in my life to idk make better choices? To be able to change those destructive behaviors and take care of myself.

Again, I’m sorry for not responding sooner... thanks.

4aReason, This site is about emotional pain. People who care about each other.

A safe place to come to and talk about our issues. Walking the journey together

in a difficult situation. Never feeling alone because you are surrounded by people

who understand.

Having someone to support, understand and console you in just moments 24/7.

If the general forum seems too large then there is always the option of Private


It sounds like now more than ever, you need someone beside you. We're here

because we care. :) xx

4aReason in reply to Agora1

thank you. good to know. i answered some other posts in the meantime.

Agora1 in reply to 4aReason

I see that you have and it's a good way to ease in. Get to know others

and when you feel comfortable to talk more about how we can help you.

You deserve this chance :) xx

4aReason in reply to Agora1

Thank you

Don't give up on this site yet. It's like a pair of shoes. Wear them a little but. I don't comment too much but i hv have learned to appreciate others on this site who don't give up on them selves n yet advise n help others.

4aReason in reply to Samson1953

thank you

That’s Too Bad , I hope you and your daughters get counseling. Did know that you’re kids can end up picking up what you’re going through? But sorry I forgot how to delete the account. There is No magic pill to fix anyone who has depression/anxiety. Good luck

thank you. I'm not sure if they picked up from me or I'm picking up from them. I guess it's a cycle.

It can be? I have anxiety and so do my daughters. They have isolated me in ordered to deal with me. One is moving out the other one and I keep locking Horns. I’m looking to move. My appointment isn’t for 2 months. Take care

good luck with that. thanks.

I also have a daughter that had major depression and we seem to feed off each other instead of motivating each other. It can be really hard done days because we live together. I have found she help here's but because I Am still new I still feel a bit nervous. I have more issues thank depression so I feel like each time I am here it is for something else. 😥

4aReason in reply to Brex66

thank you. good luck to you.

Your bio does seem like you have some very serious and scary life events occurring. I don't think that you should abandon your daughters but you may need to have some boundaries in order to strengthen yourself first. You can't help them if you're flailing. You need to secure your own oxygen mask before helping others with theirs.

yes. thanks. it's complicated because i am very selfless and i had them because I had given up hope on myself and have been sacrificing myself for them since they were born.

Brex66 in reply to 4aReason

Same 😩


I understand how you feel.

But the people on this site have really helped me. Kept me going, and talking and trying to help others has helped me too.

I can see why you think it seems depressing, but even swapping signs and symptoms can be comforting and stop panic. Obviously we all have to get checked out by the medical profession, but when we get diagnosed with anxiety etc, they are not all that helpful.

As others have said, stick with us for a while and give us and yourself a chance.

If you want to read a lot about symptoms Anxiety. com is a good site to read.

Take care and I hope better days are ahead for you.

4aReason in reply to Funkyfaerie

Thank you.

Sorry you don't find the site helpful. I don't think you've given it much time at all.

4aReason in reply to Dolphin14

Thank you

Dolphin14 in reply to 4aReason

I hope you stay around:)

The voice out there is always important , especially when the weather is cold and dreary and people with depression tend to vent and is good to do this, because it helps, for me at least....please hold on to THIS family!

4aReason in reply to Boeta

Thank you for the encouragement


I really think if you stay you will get more from being here than you think....

I understand how you're feeling about you and your daughters.. as recent as yesterday I just found out my oldest son has been diagnosed with bipolar 1,checked himself into the mental unit yesterday, my next son has it one daughter deals with anxiety and the other depression/anxiety... I myself battle anxiety....depression likes to rear its ugly head here and there at times. I was also agoraphobic, that I have conquered...since yes yesterday I have been feeling very guilty that I gave their mental illness' to them....difficult one to accept.... We musn't look at it that way....we can help one another out because we can relate....I'm here for you and will help you in any way I can....

I want to thank you for opening up because this has made me open up with what I just found out.... we need to focus on the positives in all of our lives...we do have them....

I wish for you peace of mind...

Sparkles & dump trucks of groovy love, peace, light, joy & hugs 4aReason!

4aReason in reply to Hidden

Thank you for reaching out and sharing. I wish you peace and good vibes, too.

Hidden in reply to 4aReason

My pleasure.. I am here for you...

May your day be a beautiful one...

Sparkles & dump trucks of groovy love, peace, light, joy & hugs 4aReason!

I don’t think anyone will get cured here. This is a place to express what we are going through and to talk about it and share and see if others experience what we go through. This site won’t cure you it’s a place to express yourself

4aReason in reply to Gretajetta

Thank you. I wasn't expecting a cure. I have PTSD and don't even remember how I found the site now, so am not sure what I was expecting when I wrote that. I tend to forget most days since I block them out with my PTSD almost every day.

Gretajetta in reply to 4aReason

I’m sorry. I can’t imagine what your going through but we are all here to help one another. Try answering others posts and giving your opinion. It helps to help others and it gives us that boost we need.


Just wanted to ask how you're feeling now - if that's OK with you.

This is the first time I've seen your post.

God Bless





Thank you for your concern and blessing. I was having a lot of stress, fear, anxiety, nervousness, and blocking things out. Part of it stems from my daughter that lives with me and I rely on for rent money, losing her job, right after I got stuck with thousands of dollars in bills on my credit card when my son in law and his mother didn't pay the share of the wedding and honeymoon that they said they were going to pay for. I am on disability, but in my panic, I reached out to my former employer and asked him to give me any work he had, even though I wasn't up to doing it. He gave me the worst project over the holidays that no one else wanted. I was having to work 18-19 hours per day to try to meet the deadline. He asked if my daughter could help me out and said that he'd pay her too. She had just started to collect unemployment, but notified them that she worked 3 days. The problem is that she misunderstood the unemployment handbook in NY to say that she could work part time, but this employer expected us to work as self employed independent contractors! Apparently, if you are on unemployment and take self employment work it terminates your 26 weeks of unemployment benefits, not just the week you worked (or at least that's what we understand, so we are both beside ourselves. She blames me for putting the other daughter's wedding on my credit card instead of having the wedding and honeymoon be cancelled. Anyway, to make matters worse, I didn't understand how SS Disability works when you get work. I thought as long as I didn't make over $1200/ week, I didn't have to forfeit my check and thought it just needed to be reported if it was over he $1200, but apparently, they deduct money form the check and I may not only have to pay back the disability money , but could get terminated there, too. This sucks since I'm disabled and wasn't able to do the work without my daughter doing it for me. We may both have it all wrong, but in the meantime we are stressed to the max and haven't been able to get answers or advice anywhere.

Hi again

Sorry I'm not reading this till now (6.50am our time uk). Looks like it came through at 1am.

We are retired now, having been self employed, and I can so relate to your experience . The government attitude was no better here - seemed like we were being punished for wanting to work and seeking work.

I find that when so many things are pressing in and there seems no immediate solutions that I block things out too. Had to, for my health's sake. Constantly thinking about them just making me more ill and even less able to function. So much stress. Enormous stress.

Then, after prayer, rest, sleep, drinking water, eating propetly etc I'd attempt to deal with one thing at a time, reminding myself to stay calm, prioritising, start to try to resolve the most important.

The only agency I can think of you could approach for help is CAP (Christians Against Poverty) .

You have so much to deal with, it's so unfair.

Hope you are able to find some practical support to start getting matters resolved.

Please keep in touch.


Always remember that you have the power to skip over negative and depressing posts. There are positive post that give hope as well.

4aReason in reply to Boober180

Thank you.

hey, no offense but you shouldnt judge something this soon, i see here you just registered did you expect to be cured , i agree with the fact that there are depressing things here , and to me i got alot of triggers that made me feel worse but you can simply avoid the posts and focus on your own , this is a site designed to vent , let things out regardless of how bad they are

It was a life chamger for me regardless of all the posts i posted explaining hiw bad some posts made me feel, at the end you will find loyal and kind people that will always check up on you , help you find tools to better cope or improve your mental health

Some posts are really positive as well, some people overcame most of their obstacles and dedicate their time helping ..

I really didnt mean to disrespect you and its your choice at the end , but this site can be helpful, give it a shot to talk about your life, your problems and we will try our best to give you the support and help you deserve

4aReason in reply to Kevin160

Thank you. I didn't think you disrespected me. It's fine. If I did, I blocked it out. :)

Well I see you got no shortage of replies, still I want to join in to say I am glad you're still around too. This is a community of kindred spirits yearning to improve themselves and enrich their lives as well as for others. There are good people here and you've just strengthened the collective whole by being a part. I hope you feel that and grow stronger from the support. If you don't feel good then you know you can come here to feel supported and cared for. You are safe here and so many people can share their wisdom, experience, support, strength and/or love. Glad you stayed like I said. Cheers to your good mental health and family.

4aReason in reply to TyrSwmrSAC

Thank you. I am having my PTSD today and don't remember how I even ended up here or found this website, along with everything else I blocked out this week. I appreciate your kind message. I guess I'm really stressed.

TyrSwmrSAC in reply to 4aReason

I just off earlier and I'm sitting sitting in my living room sorting the scan copies of my Dialectic Behavioral Therapy hand outs from group. This will keep me online , so again we can chat if you need.

I've had moments like yours. It's confusing at times when your mind just goes off into the clouds so know what you mean. Concentration and even memory lapses have occurred with me in addition to the depression and anxiety. Any help I can be just let me know. Of course I can also tell you about what my therapy group has taught me and how to self help long term and short term when stuff in your head just takes you through the rabbit hole. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialect Behavioral Therapy (DBT) along with Medication and group (peer to peer talks) have been helpful which I got referrals from my psych doctor and therapist. It's learning like a manual for the human emotions conditions which tie into the body reaction and vice versa. Just some of my thoughts anyway.

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