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How to prevent ppd depression and anxiety??

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I’m 23 weeks pregnant and have anxiety and have been feeling really down lately.

This is my second baby, I have a 5 year old and am now due in April.

I had lots of anxiety after my first was born and got on Prozac for a month or so after.

I’ve been really anxious this pregnancy all new anxieties. I am not taking anything but have been talking to a counselor and my fiancé.

But a huge fear I have is becoming super depressed or having so much anxiety after baby is born. Or even worse I read about post partum psychosis and now I’m terrified of that!!!

Any advice on how to get over these fears or prevent it from happening would be appreciated!?

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Stay strong for the kids, and take care of yourself, you are NOT alone.

Thank you!

The best thing I can suggest is omega 3 in the form of fish oil capsules and flaxseed oil

Omega 3 is needed to produce seratonin which makes us feel content sometimes very serious depression can be caused by a drop in estrogen the female hormone you could replace that with a Peruvian powder called aguaje just for a short period it is safe I use it instead of hrt as I am on the menopause you can buy it on eBay just buy a small amount to tide you over after you have had your baby

Do not take evening primrose oil as it is dangerous during pregnancy

My sister had postpartum psychosis and developed bipolar disorder and I have since learnt she just needed some estrogen replacing but she was given drugs and spent years in and out of psychiatric units

This should be a happy time I hope it all goes well for you just make sure you have your flaxseed oil and fish oil 5htp is another thing to look into though not while you are pregnant it's basically what prozac is made from without the bad side effects of prozac

Thank you! I will look into it. I plan on talking to my doctor this week about my fears after I have the baby.

Anxiety sneaks up on us, and sometimes we think, "How did I get here again." The book "Anxiety Cure" described the roots of anxiety and how to change our thinking to avoid that. You might want to check it out. Hope this helps.

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Thank you

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