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Anxiety and panic attacks without medications

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I have a doubt. Since I read Clare Weeks book "Self-help with your nerves" I have learn to deal with my anxiety and panic attacks in a "let it come, ride it and back to normal, without taking medication and so far has worked for me. So when I sense a panic attack or anxiety and my heart still pounding fast I let it go up and wait until the panic subsides.

Recently I had a lots of anxiety because I had to do a upper endoscopy and I was very worried, so a couple of days after the test I had heartburn and my heart started beating fast and ended up in A&E with a panic attack, I couldn't wait until the heart calmed down, couldn't managed I was too afraid my heart was beating at 130 bpm. They did an ECG and the doctor said it was a sinus tachycardia and gave me a tranquilizer which I didn't take because once I am checked out and find out that it's anxiety I calm down.

My question is:

Could it be dangerous in the long term for the heart to beat fast during panic attacks. I still want to use the same technique but once you ridge over 100 bpm is the heart working harder than it should? I would appreciate if someone could explained this? Many thanks.

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In The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook it quotes Claire Weekes as saying that a healthy heart can beat 200 bpm for days and even weeks without damage.

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Thank you for your answer. Yes, her book help me immensely, gave me the courage to trust my symptoms and my body reactions, I think it's time to read the book again.

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Or one of Claire Weekes' other books such as 'Pass through panic' or 'Release from nervous suffering'. I still think 'Self help for your nerves' is her Numero Uno because it says everything and gives you the anxiety exit plan. But the others are well worth the read: the 1,600 Amazon readers who rated her Very Good or Excellent applied to all her books nor just the first.

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Congratulations that her book has helped you. From my past experience with cardio and strength training, I had to maintain 180 bpm for an hour to burn fat. It worked, and I was healthy back then :)

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Thank you for your answer. Yes, indeed her book gave me the confidence to overcome panic attacks something that my psychotherapist at the time didn't achieve.

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Yes. The human heart is made to withstand times of stress- whether it's due to intentional cardio stress (ie exercise), anxiety-induced stress, or another medical cause of tachycardia (ie a fever or even mild dehydration will make people tachycardic). Your heart is doing what it's supposed to do- let it, trust it to do its job👍🏻When panic comes, ask your heart to beat even FASTER. Tell it you trust it to beat like a bird's wings! Tell your body to give you more adrenaline- yes, more! because you are not the least bit afraid of it and what fascinating, interesting things it might do to your body:)

It works.

After much practice, good luck even having a panic attack. Once you've completely lost your fear of anxiety and panic and all they bring--- they are all but gone from your life.

Claire Weekes- genius :)

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