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Depression, Sadness

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Hi you all! Hope you all thank God for the good things he gave us this year (2018) and hope that next year is a great year for all.

My daughter is having a very hard time coping with everything. In August, she lost her grandmother, whom she was so closed too and misses her very much. She also on that same month got a call from her boyfriend ending their relationship of five years. She has been so sad and depressed. She hardly sleeps and cries every chance she gets. She is 29 years of age and lives with my husband and I. I love her to pieces and just don't know how to help her come out of this sadness. Her boyfriend was a very nice gentlemen for a couple of years but towards the last few years when she got sick of sinus infection she went down hill. She has hormonal acne and lost hair. She believes that is what got him tired of her. He then started not to come to see her and always complaining about her situation. I as a mother, think this is the best thing for her.

Please let me know how I can help my daughter get her happiness back..


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You are obviously a very caring mother. Your daughter is blessed to have you to support her. Your daughter is responsible for her own wellness and happiness. She had two losses that I imagine she is grieving. She is better off without the guy. I know she may not see that yet. Is she in therapy? That may help her. I don't know if you have NAMI in your area. If you do, there are Family to Family groups that may be helpful for you and your husband.

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Thank you so much. I don't think we have NAMI here in our area. I will surely look into it. She is a great girl and likes to help everyone she can. I will check to see how I can get her into therapy. Thank you and may you have a great beginning of a new year!!!

I am so sorry that she is hurting. It is hard to see our children grieve. Is her sadness beyond normal grief? Would she see someone if you suggested therapy or a counselor?

I know as a parent you want to help, I pray that you get some good direction and answers to best encourage her. Adult children are harder, as they are in control of seeking help or not. Just keep loving on her and perhaps taking her to some events or opportunities to make joyful moments and remind her that you are there for her. Sometimes just hearing it helps.


Thank you so much... She is not wanting to go to any therapy or counselor. I tried but her answer is always no. She seems like she has given up on everything knowing that her ex-boyfriend has open all the media and is talking to everyone. I keep talking to her and telling her to continue her youtube channel where she gives advise for hormonial problems and also what, and how to take care of yourself. She does some recording here and there but the energy isn't there. I truly want to thank you for keeping us in your prayers. Lots of love from Arizona. :)

I will continue to pray. Perhaps she can share her story, you have no idea how many others have been impacted in the same way as her loss or similar losses. She may not be ready to know, but when she is, reaching others in their hurt helps us get over our own!


Thank you so much! I would love for her to share her story so she can help many other young women and men out there that are going through the same problems. Again, thank you so much and may God Bless You! :)

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