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I'm just casually watching a video on YouTube, Scrolling down the recommended list and see it....the fucking video...Why? Excuse my language....will I be kicked off for it? But I just.....it.....wtf....WHY?! WHY WAS IT THERE?! THERE WAS NO FUCKING REASON!! I HAVEN'T WATCHED ANYTHING RELATED TO SUCH A THING!.....but it directly reflects what's going on in my life and what I'm afraid of....So what is this life? Is any of this real? Is everything in my head and that's why everything ALWAYS "COINCIDENTALLY" LINES UP?! WHAT DID I DO?! ..... The video...The...The.....It's too much....It's just too much!!!!

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Keep strong! You got this.

I agree that it's a big coincidence. But also I think when our minds are in dark places, subconsciously we are looking for things to say "yes this is me" it's possible the video has always been there but your mind has reached out and pointed it out to you because it's "you" in the form of a video. If that makes sense?

There's nothing wrong with that, and u certainly ARE NOT crazy! Reading through some of your previous posts and honestly I think you are far stronger than you believe. You are still here. You are posting to us, and reaching out when i bet it seems like its just complaining right?

Keep hold of that inner strength. You might be in battle with your mind but you have an army here behind you, helping you every step of the way. Use us, and fight with us. :3 you can do it ❤️

There's an issue with all of that....

How so? :3

I am not in control....

But you are in control. You chose to post here, like you also chose to reply back to me. It might not seem like much, but you can do it! Keep fighting. Be silly and shout "this is sparta".

It might sound daft, but it's you making that choice. U got this, i believe in you. Even tho u don't know me, uve made it this far, u can keep going. If u fall, fall forwards. Because no matter what you are always a step ahead than you were before. Dont give up hope :3

Yeah, uh dude...That's not my biggest issue and I appreciate your enthusiasm I really do....But If just...Too afraid to say it directly

U are welcome to PM me if that helps :) I try to keep enthusiastic because I hope that the energy might rub off on others. Surrounded by good energy and good people sometimes helps too.

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