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Intrusive Thoughts - Just seeking word of support

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I’ve written in the past about how earlier this year I started experiencing intrusive thoughts... getting brain lock on thoughts that randomly revolve around a person i know through work that just gives me negative vibes. My therapist thinks it’s a manifestation of OCD.

This began as far back as maybe March/April and I STILL have trouble with this. It’s worse when other aspects like work and dating add stress to my life. There were moments throughout the year when my stress was a bit lower and I could shrug them off to the point that I felt like they weren’t even hardly there. Lately they’ve come back with a vengeance and there’s that fear in my mind that I’ll never have a clear head again... that the peaceful place in my head will be colonized by thoughts of this person... needless to say this can be pretty miserable, exhausting, and just plain physically painful (I.e. bad headaches) I’m not looking for anyone to give me a solution. But if you feel you have experience with this and have “seen the light” from time to time, I’d be grateful for an encouraging word of piece of advice. If you suffer from something similar, and just want to gripe that’s welcome too 😛.



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I go through phases where I randomly “lock on” ( I like how you phrased this to a person or incident with a person. I don’t want to go in details but I think it sounds similar to what you describe. I also never considered it to be ocd but reading how you articulated your scenario really helps me see it as OCD

especially because I have ocd in other areas.

My quirks come in unpredictable cycles and I feel it’s due to underlying Hormone imbalance. Movement, meditation, stretching, deep breathing, walking, are all ways that help me deal with my anxiety, which helps with ocd.

I’m glad I read your message because your experience helped me see this from a new perspective. 💚💚

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