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Intrusive thoughts

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Hello. Just wanted to vent again of course. Woke up this morning with really bad negative thoughts. I was addressing them which I know gives them power. I had them so bad I did get a headache. I know I need to let the thoughts come and go but damn they can really take over. I’m trying to keep a little busy here at home. I can’t really go out due to my plantar fasciitis. So walking is out of the question. Any suggestions out there would help. Thank you. Blessings. Samson

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I have found meditation helps a lot with negative thoughts. An author, Geneen Roth, explained a very simple quick way to go about it and it was impactful. I read it in her book, Women Food and God. Negative thoughts are tourture. Good luck 💕

Thank you very much

How about music or reading, watch afeel good movie!!! Just some thoughts!! Wishing you peace!!! XXX

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Thank you

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My pleasure!!! XXX

Hi Strongest, I use the time to clean and organize dresser drawers. If I'm not up

to that, I get out the deck of cards and play Solitaire. You'd be surprised at how

addicting each game can become where you want to beat your last score. Before you know it a couple hours have passed and you forgot all about intrusive thoughts. :) x

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