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Im struggling to maintain a good state of mind. I have a new job that I like-there are times where Im intimidated but I still like it. My bills are paid on time. My children are great. Why isn’t this enough?? I feel like a huge portion of my life is missing and I feel ungrateful to be sad when so much good is happening for me. Am I the only one? How do I cope with this?

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No you are not the only one. I sometimes have a lot of good things going on that I am happy and greateful for, but there is still that part of me that feels that there is a piece of the puzzle missing, emptiness in a way like I'm not all the way complete. I try hard to focus on the good but it's not that easy sometimes. You are not alone in that feeling.

You are definitely not the only one. I look at others sometimes and think if my life was like their life I would be happier, but I have some good things in my life too. It’s the depression talking. I know when I’m crying about everything, having a hard time laughing, constantly worrying, my depression needs some attention. Maybe change in meds, planning some special outings with friends, down time, more activity, etc. most of the time it’s my meds. Throughout my life I’ve had therapy, read many self help books, and learned what makes me happy and I’ve gotten pretty good at knowing when there is nothing that’s working. Not saying to never call for help, therapy, friends, etc. we are never capable as humans to always handle our problems ourselves. Never too old to learn.

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