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The Worst and Best Days


Yesterday had to be the absolute toughest day I've had in many months but today was one of the best days in many months. I did not know how I would get through yesterday and thought that I actually might collapse but I made it through. Today I realized that since I got through yesterday, then I can make it through any other day. Maybe that's what started today off as a great day, my own self-recognition of being resilient. Please remember that with any bad day, there is always hope for a better one and that you can make it. I hope everyone is doing okay.

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What an awesome way of looking at it! Most people would think if they had a bad day, tomorrow and the next day and so on, will be bad too. You pulled through it and put positive thoughts in your head. It’s funny how if we think positive, good things happen. I’m really happy for you ☺️

Thank you marialove... I hope you are having a good day and will enjoy your weekend 💞

This was very heartening to read and gave me some hope for future days. Thank you for sharing:)

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