Good days and bad days. Do you recognise the differences in yourself on these days?

So yesterday I had a very good day. I was smiling and laughing and everything seemed good for once. Today I feel myself faltering a bit. A bit like I’m on a scales and I don’t know which way today is going to tip yet. Does anyone else get these feelings / experiences? Also on the good days do you reflect on the bad days and say to yourself I don’t recognise that person? I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Thank you in advance if you feel like you can reply.

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  • Hi Clarebear86

    I think this is the same for almost everyone. I have days where I feel full of fun and feel confident and ready for whatever the world may bring and other days I feel useless and like I can't accomplish anything, I get angry with myself, I don't want to see anyone. It's not that I get to the point where I would do anything rash, I love life.

    But...what I have come to realise is that this is part of what it is to be human. Obviously, for some this becomes a more serious issue when it turns into an illness but for all of us we are natural creatures and in nature, there is an ebbing or flow of light and dark, death and birth and this is natural...if we didn't have days or moments of sadness how could we understand what it is to feel happiness and vice versa.

    Try not to worry and remember, on the days that you feel like that that yes, you must soldier through, but also that it is part of life and that today is ok for you to feel this way.

    Yes, I look at those bad days and think, that's not who I want to be, that's not how I see myself. But I do experience those days and it must be part of who I am and so I should not fight it but find something that lights the way to the other me, when I can, a bridge to the happier person that I want to be.

    I find that on these days when I think about it enough I am feeling that way because of something, something inside me is giving me a message about something that needs amending in my life...something I am avoiding or not accomplishing. Our minds are fantastic at telling us when something is amiss, though not that great at being obvious with the detail.

    So...whats going on for you that you feel like this on these days?


  • That’s a good question. For me I think I’ve came to the reality that there’s been something amiss for a while. I was asked a few weeks ago when was the last time you were happy. I couldn’t answer. In fact if I’m honest what went through my head was what is that or something to that effect. I then thought when was I last excited about something? When did I last enjoy something? I couldn’t answer or think of anything. I thought that my husbands indiscretions were at the centre of my now low mood, but I’ve come to the realisation that I think I’ve been on the brink of this for some time now and it was that one event that was too much for me to bear that has tipped me over. Sorry I am rabbiting on a bit. So I’m currently on medication, which I have been taking for just over two weeks, I have isolated myself and withdrawn from work and other people. I felt really good yesterday, but today I’m not quite sure. My head seems a bit foggy, a bit of a static headache if that makes any sense and I just don’t know where I am in terms of mood? Not sure if any of this makes any sense?

  • Carebear1986 I think when we start picking apart the concept of what makes us happy or are we truly happy, we forget to appreciate the moment we are in.

    Happiness comes from within ourselves. Don't waste your time on questioning happiness, when it happens, you will know it. Embrace it and be grateful. Everything in life is an up and down effect and that's okay. Accept it as TruthSi72 said, it's a part of being human. Life is Good xx

  • Yes absolutly carebear1986. Before I went on depressants I was all over the place, happy one minute crying the next. Having gone on depressants has helped but I do still have really bad days. If u ever have really really bad days talk to a close friend or even ring samaritans they'e helped me through really difficult times. Hope this helps and here if you wanna talk x

  • Thank you for your replies, it really means a lot. I’m desperately trying not to overthink or over analyse things but it’s hard to not after doing it for such a long time.

  • Oh yes, i do. My mood also changes very quickly and it's strange to me. One moment i'm okay, then the next I'm irrigated and snap at my parents, then i'm depressed, then very anxious and self conscious with racing thoughts. I notice everything now since last month i think.

  • I don’t see the changes sometimes, they just happen and it’s usually someone who points it out to me, which I think infuriates me more. Hang in there.

  • Thanks. You do the same. 😉

  • Hi care bear its a shame it sounds like your on a rollercoaster with been up and down every other day ! Its hard to break the cycle i should now im on a real low lately my mood is stuck in the past when im like that i cant see a way forward ! Im getting help from family in trying to get well again but its a long struggle ! I dont know if youve seen your doctor about how your feeling if not go and ask him to help you ! Take care david

  • Hi David I know what that’s like, my husband blamed his indiscretions on me saying it was because of the way I was and had been. So I went back analysing everything, I thought about all the times I was bullied, belittled by family, happy times were destroyed by other people bringing me down and making me feel bad. It’s like no one wanted me to be happy & if I looked happy someone had to come and ruin it.

  • Oh yes all the time. I'm having a day like that today actually. I've been tipping around all over the place but I think the worst is when you start to tip and you're like 'oh no here it goes again' . But realizing it's going to eventually tip back and you'll feel better soon helps to think about.

  • Yeah but when you do tip, I find myself thinking it’s never going to end.

  • Does it end?

  • It does yes.

  • It's really hard to deal with those ups and downs. My symptoms are usually related to stress, which can have a hundred different sources! Change, a negative experience, disappointment, being lonely, feeling crowded and like I need time alone, not enough sleep, even too much sleep!

    I really need to work harder on keeping myself as calm as I can regardless of what's going on around me.

  • Hey Clairebear86

    I was just reading back through this thread and I wanted to ask how you were?


  • Thanks, I’ve been good. Christmas is looming and with it further stresses which I feel pulling at me. But I’m determined to get through it. But I will be glad when it is all over, I am sorry to say.

  • I'm glad to hear you're ok. I like that you have purpose in your language. I just wrote a post on this idea about stress at Christmas. It might help with your determination it might not.

    I hope that you can find some moments of joy this Christmas.


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