Worst day

So today really sucked for me. I was diagnosed today with a tumor in my parotid gland (Saliva gland) so long story short I was having this eye twitch so I was referred to a neurologist they did an MRI on my brain to rule out any abnormalities good news is the twitch in eye is benign and no tumor in the brain, bad news they find a 2cm tumor in my parotid gland. I just turned 30yrs old in August and my wife and I have are first baby due in March so this is the last thing I want to be doing or worried about. So today my Anxiety and depression are at an all time high, I have been crying off and on all day just a billion thoughts going through my mind, worried about my wife and baby on the way and if I'm going to be able to see her grow up and stuff believe me I'm beyond stressed right now. I trust in Jesus and know he's with me through this he's got me through so many other tough times but I'm still so scared. Please keep me and my family in your prayers.

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  • Very sorry to hear that you are not feeling your best. Hope you get well soon! If its any comfort, you are not alone! Prayers.

  • one-love, Keeping Positive and Prayer will help get you through these hard times.

    My thoughts and prayers are with both you and your family.

  • Absolutely man i will keep you and your family in my prayers,Jesus loves us we have to be strong like he was on the cross ok?

    God bless you brother🙏🏻

  • one-love, life can get so complicated when it decides it has plans that aren't ours. The lack of control is often related to not having the information we want. Hopefully you will know soon if your tumor is benign and you will have the options of what you can choose to do about it. So you'll have some control that may reduce your worry there. First time parents have many concerns as they are doing and preparing for a baby and they have never done before, and you want to do all this right. And worry if you can't . You sound like a good man who is going to make it through this with the help of your wife, your doctors and your faith. I read you have trust in Jesus to walk with you through all this. He had two fathers, one was a human father who had worry and concerns just as all fathers have. You are in my thoughts, hopes and prayers to God the Father, and his son Jesus and I ask Joseph, Jesus' human father, to look after you and your family as well.

  • I just happened in here and found you. I feel the need to tell you my story. Two years ago I was diagnosed with a tumor also. I was told it was so large that it was most likely attached to all my major organs and would be inoperable. I had to wait to seven weeks to see my oncologist and was sent my "paperwork" with instructions to get my affairs in order. For seven weeks I walked around in my life visualizing that I wouldn't be in it. In the meantime I became aware of a woman named Brittany who was battling brain cancer. I was focused on her exit plan since she lived in Oregon. My son and new daughter in law live there too. I watched the video on planning your own exit and got everything in order. I was sure that I would be told the worst. The doctor who diagnosed me ran the initial tests wouldn't order the MRI so my primary did and I picked it up for my appointment. My bestie came with me as I was kept waiting for more than an hour in the little waiting room and than Dr. Boolah came in and said come with me into my office. I thought my friend was going to pass out. He sat us down in front of this giant screen with my MRI on it and said that this was the largest tumor of this kind he had ever seen. I'm not sure I heard his next sentence correctly so he had to repeat it. He said that doctors who don't specialize in oncology shouldn't! He said my OB was an idiot... I had a fibroid tumor that was eighteen pounds and was actually dying. He scheduled me for a partcial hystorectomy the next week. I kept thinking that WOW I got the miracle and Brittany didn't but she hadn't wasted one minute of life like I wasted seven weeks and gained 30 pounds and was a zombie. Don't do what I did. Make whatever plans you need to but until you see your specialist understand that everyone else is just not equipped to tell you anything! In fact my story is not unique. Chances are you will be fine since my doctor said cancer is a crap shoot and most often not likely. I used to say my middle name was Murphy but now I say it's Happy and I keep a journal of all my happy times not the others. Let yourself feel the love of that precious Baby and promise you will be there for her and you will be. Much love joy and peace....

  • I'm so sorry. Health problems during your wife's pregnancy would be scary, but it sounds like you are on top of things. Were you told it is life threatening, or is your mind going there on its own? Are there treatments you can follow? What is the bottom line as to how serious this is?

    I urge you to get all the facts about your condition, follow whatever treatment is order, and then to focus on this baby, who has no choice but to come into your world, your home, and have you as its father. You and your wife will be its whole world, and this chidl is your gift to the planet. No matter what, you can still give your child all the love he/she deserves.

    Please let us know how you are doing and what is going to be involved in your illness so we can be more helpful. My very best to you and your family, and congratulations on your baby!

  • Thank you again for everyone's support I am super excited to be a dad!! My wife and I are having a girl 😍 so excited. I was just diagnosed yesterday through a MRI that it was a tumor I am currently following up with and ear nose and throats doctor to I guess determine if it's benign or not. I was told they would still have to remove move it regardless. I'm just trying to stay as positive I can the baby is helping me stay positive. I am blessed either way I lay it all at the lords feet

  • You are blessed one-love and in good hands with the Lord. Keep those positive thoughts on your daughter. Stay strong. Wish you well

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