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Feeling alone


Hi, I have been suffering from anxiety for a while. In the past 6 months it has become really bad to the point I can’t hide it anymore. My family is starting to notice something is not right but the fear of them seeing me as weak is making things worse. I am currently in therapy trying to work through my issues but some days I feel so alone and I have no one who I think will understand. I guess I just want to feel like I’m not the only one out there who is going through this.

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If you’re going to therapy does that mean your family knows you’re going through some things? If so then I’m sure they understand that you need help and support and they won’t view you as weak. It’s not weak to have any kind of mental illness just like it’s not weak to catch a cold or something. You are definitely not alone and not the only one going through this but I know you can overcome this and if you ever want to talk I’m more than happy to be here for you!😊good luck on your path to getting better!

hi and welcome you are not alone anymore over 20.000 people have your back on here.im sure your family would never see you as weak not at all if anything they will support you till you come through it.im sure therapy will be helping you stick with a plan hopefully all will be good before to long.


Sometimes family can be completely oblivious to your pain no matter how bad. I just made one of the most painful yet helpful breakthroughs of my life based on horrible abuse and my family wrote it off to taking an extra anxiety pill and one too many drinks.

Family can sometimes be the worst because they are the closest. Hang in there.

You're not. I suffer from GAD and PTSD...my husband tried to kill himself about a year ago and was in the hospital for six days. When he came home, he revealed to me that he had been lying for a couple of years about our finances and that we were over 100,000 in credit card and personal debt. I had anxiety attacks about 15 years ago and did therapy and have been on meds since then. I lead a pretty healthy lifestyle and get good exercise. I did REALLY well all year, being "strong" and not wanting to let anyone down by not being able to deal with the situation with my husband. Well, let me just say that the lid blew off the pot. About a month ago, I had a pretty major anxiety attack that set me back a few days. I've since been dealing pretty well and have anxiety some days and some days not. I had a really major attack this past Monday night and have been spiraling all week. I have intrusive and disturbing thoughts, which my therapist has figured out were triggered by my seeing A Star is Born (note to anyone who has dealt with suicide, suicide attempts, or substance abuse--do not see this movie unless you are prepared to feel very deeply). Basically my PTSD was triggered and I have intense fear about everything. Today, I just lost it and almost had to be hospitalized. I had been acting strong for my mom and dad and my three kids and didn't want to admit to them, or my husband, that I was really hurting. I finally told them the extent and they couldn't have been any more supportive. You have people in your life who love you and want you to have the best life you can. I try to remember that if I had diabetes I would take care of myself and wouldn't be ashamed to tell people if I had an issue with medication, so why should I be ashamed of this? It's not weakness. It is an illness, just like any other problem with your body. Your brain is an organ, just like your appendix, heart, stomach and so on and so on. Often times you'll come through this stronger on the other side. Don't be scared. You'll feel better when you tell them.

I'm so sorry that you are going through such difficult anxiety. Going through therapy without anyone knowing is hard, because many times the few days after each therapy appointment there are many things to process...and the road is very rocky. Can you elaborate more on your fears of sharing that you are in therapy with them? Do you have a faith community? That has been pivotal for me in my journey. Looking forward to hearing from you again.

Thanks for your kind words. I’m afraid that the will look at me different and start to treat me like I am a child. Thinking about it I know my fears are silly, but when it actually come to telling someone close to me I seize up with fear. I’m looking for a faith community but I haven’t found the right one yet but even if I do I feel that the walls of isolation that I have built around myself will never come down.

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