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Feeling alone

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Hey everyone. Woke up this morning feeling alone, and lonely. Been going through these feelings for quite sometime. I’m a divorced father of a beautiful 7 year old girl, she is my world. She’s going away for 14 days this Tuesday, that’s something I’m not looking forwards to. I’ve been trying to be strong of course, not just for me but also for her. I see my therapist 2x a week, which does help and I see an APN who prescribes my meds. I know I should start dating, and trying to meet the right woman for me, but don’t really know if I’m ready. My therapist wants me to try and start. I’ve had a few dates a while back, but I’d always cancel the day before, always. It’s 12:45 eastern time where I’m at, and I’m debating wether to workout or not. I really don’t like feeling like this. Samson

12 Replies
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Samson, working out or just getting out for a while can help make you feel better. Only you will know when the time is right to meet someone. It's never an answer all by itself. Things happen for a reason and when it does, it WILL be the right time. Feeling exceptionally lonely this morning may very well be because of your daughter leaving for 14 days this Tuesday. You will be okay. Make plans to keep busy during this time so that your evenings are spent relaxing. Make this Samson's "me time". You need it to regenerate. Loneliness is not about being alone but being bored. x

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Thank you very much. Blessings

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To you too, Samson x

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It's great that you're helping yourself by seeing your therapist twice a week. I'm sure that your daughter going away for 2 weeks gives you something to think about. Perhaps you can use that time to focus more on yourself? Because when you are doing better then she is going to do better, so making yourself a priority is a win-win for both of you. If you haven't gone to the gym already I vote that you go 💪 Exercise is so important and it combats depression. Let us know how it goes!

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Thank you very much. Samson

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I am a father of 2 boys, divorced 3 years, have not dated, and so

Wake up feeling lonely everyday, loneliness is not boredom, it is a feeling an emotion, which most people pass through. So I understand a little of what you are going through, don't feel pressured to date and don't let others pressure you, this only increased stress, which is not helpful. I wish I could workout but I broke my big toe. Hang in there, a daughter needs a father

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Thank you. Samson

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I don't really have advice, but I'm a full time single father of a 12 year old girl so I can empathize. When my daughter goes away to a girl scout camp for a fe days it is a sad feeling when she is gone.

Regarding eating, As someone else said, you'll date when ready. Don't put pressure on yourself. You may find someone when you are not even looking.

It will probably happen when you’re least expecting it! That’s the way love goes...Janet Jackson 😉 You’re going to be fine! Keep pushing forward!!

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Thank you

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Hey Samson..

You need a friend before you can date. That way it may come natural and a little less pressure to impress and knowing things dont havd to move too fast to the next level.

You need to also be whole because noone can make you whole even if you date.

So do it when ready but start with baby steps...friendship

All the best


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Thank you for your kind words. Samson

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