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Feeling so alone at work.

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When I get panic attacks, anxiety, depression and I’m at work, I feel so alone. I’m thankful for this site that I can reach out to.

I have a good friend at office but still I don’t confide every detail of how I feel because u have to separate work from home life and at work you really don’t know who to trust. Plus this so called friend, it just seems like everything is going perfectly for her. So it makes me feel bad if I’m dealing with my stuff and she’s so happy all the time.

Anyone know people like that? Like u are struggling but then there’s that one person that it seems like everything is going great for them.

Well at least this site exists for support. Thank goodness for that. So I know I’m not alone, not the only one.

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I just started a new job over a week ago. It was hard for me to adjust because everyone around me is so happy friendly and positive. I told myself that instead of bring intimidated by that that I too need to be happy and positive. So I go out of my way to be friendly by smiling and saying hi to those in the hallways or bathroom. Wishing people I dont even know a good day. Trust me it makes you feel normal because at least in that moment you feel like everyone else. We cant make assumptions that everyone else is doing better than us because one thing I know is that I can take it till I make it. No telling who else is faking. I bring paper and pen with me to work and try to journal on my lunch break. That makes a difference too.

Yes the whole world seems like that to me, like everyone is living life without a care in the world so happily free, then here I am struggling to even dish out a fake smile. Some times I feel jealous

Your not alone at the very moment I’m going through it and I just isolate myself from everyone. It’s very hard to keep myself to to myself in my line of work since I do work in a hospital 🏥 and in a labor and delivery unit. I didn’t read your whole post just the first two lines which really caught my attention. Just know your not going through it alone.

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Thank u so much! I’m having panic attacks nearly everyday. It’s no fun.

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I just had my baby girl 6 months ago.

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Could I ask u a medical ? My period is 6 days late making me feel sick. I know I’m not pregnant. Can hormones do this? I did have my baby 6 months ago. But my periods came back quickly as she is formula fed. And it’s never been late like this. Weird. Thank u!!!!

I deal with depression anxiety. Feel alone.

Yes your period could be delayed due to hormones, stress can cause that too, but it’s best to ask your doctor. Also please be on the look out for post partum depression because you are predisposed since you do already deal with depression as is. We call post partum depression also the baby blues so make sure you check in with your mental health care doctor too and your OB/GYN they should work together on this and you can have post partum depression even a year after giving birth 🤰 btw congratulations !

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Thank u much.

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Your very welcome and btw make sure you do take a pregnancy test just to be on the safe side.

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Well I’m very sure I’m not pregnant. Thank u for ur support. Hope u are well!!

I have a hard time when I look at all the people around me and imagine that they’re “normal” and I’m not, or that they have a better life. The truth is, we just don’t know what’s going on in other people’s lives - they could be going through a horrendous mental crisis, and just be good at hiding it.

It also helps me to remember that my anxiety and depression are not things I chose - they’re real conditions and I need treatment.

Depression and anxiety make u feel like u are alone and u aren’t normal but reality is u are normal, just suffering with a condition.

I feelthe same . I read a book or go for a walk but it is like cliques in high school. I didnt do well with that then or now. I have a few people who I can talk to but it's like putting a mask on and trying so so hard to be positive. You are not alone.

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