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Today, none of my co-workers showed off. I was left alone at work without any information that they will not come at work. I dunno why but I think they planned to not come and leave me alone at work.. but why? they know that we have a busy day ahead but no one even informed me.

I don't know if I will not come to work tomorrow as a protest or just ignore what happened today.

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Hi Nejb,

How hard would it be to find out if it was intentional or not? Is it easy to call in sick or simply not show up? Is there someone not involved who might know about co-workers calling in and why? If not, don't you need to assume they didn't do it on purpose? Or ask one or more of them privately why they weren't at work? Ask politely if they're feeling better today and watch the reaction? I like that last one best of all. You might have some real answers that way.

If you go to work and nothing seems out of normal and no one seems to have been plotting against you, don't you need to ask yourself if you're too suspicious of other people? Or you see problems where there aren't any? You mentioned in other posts that you have anger at work and you know some of the problem regarding co-workers and attitude at work are your problems. So give self reflection some thought IF, and only IF, it deserves thinking over.

Are you on any medication or seeing a doctor or counselor/therapist for your mild depression or more-than-mild anger? I can see your anger or not talking to co-workers could alienate them but you're so new, all of them not coming to work is pretty strange, isn't it? Only you or a supervisor knows the answer to this because you're the one who knows them somewhat.

I agree with the person who suggested that you could benefit from counseling for your anger. You need to vent and have some coping skills explained to you so you have less anger to deal with. It's getting in your way of having a good life. I hope it all works out for you.

Hi I don't know why your colleagues would bother getting together and deciding not to go in to work just to upset you? I am sure they rang your boss but why would they contact you? It would have been polite but they don't have to do that.

I have long since learnt that you can't control what other people do, only what you do so go in tomorrow as usual and ignore it. That's my advice. x


It might not have been intentional x and even if it is that’s their own problem x try to leave them to it and focus on your day ahead x don’t let them ruin your day x


Are you sure they all collaborated together against you? Maybe this is just a story your telling yourself. Sometimes we do tell ourselves assumptions based on our insecurities. Perhaps you could talk to them or your manager and gather some facts that you can work with. I'm sorry that you are in this position and have been made to feel this way. I truly hope its just a misunderstanding.

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