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Sudden Crying Fit


Still new to this so I don't know if this is the type of thing to post but here it goes. I'm very close to my mom. She's my person. A few months ago she was fired because someone else wanted her job and had the boss wrapped around her finger. It's been hard watching her go through the job hunt process. Today she had an interview. I was nervous waiting for a call or text about how it went. An hour later and my anxiety just had me in a panic but I was managing. When she did call, I started crying for no reason. Are there any tricks you guys have for this? I apologize for the long post but I felt back story would help.

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I suggest you seek out counseling and/or treatment as well as find coping mechanisms that work for you. Coming on here finding support in others is one coping mechanism. I also like reasing, hiking, and going down to the river.

Misfit23 in reply to aaronm

Thank you. I had a counselor but we parted ways recently

aaronm in reply to Misfit23

Unfortunately anxiety and depression will never go away but we can lessen the negative effects it has on our lives.

Sounds like you and your mom are very fortunate to enjoy such a close relationship! I am sorry to hear that she lost her job in such an unfair and probably unexpected manner. I hope she is able to experience success soon in finding her next job.

I don't think it is surprising at all that you started crying when your mom called. Crying is a very normal release of emotions and emotional energy and when we feel safe with another person it is easier to let go of our pent up emotions. So your crying was not "for no reason".

You mentioned that you were managing the anxiety and panic for the hour prior to her call. What practices do you use to do this?

I sometimes count to nine in French (something I got from a song in Hamilton) or just look at my cats or dog. They're good at sensing it and comfort me.

kvolm2016 in reply to Misfit23

Yes, I agree with our pets being such a good comfort when we are at home with them.

I love the counting in French, that is so unique! Now maybe you can learn to count higher so it engages your brain for a longer period of time.

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