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Antidepressants make things worse

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I decided to try Prozac for my depression and was doing good getting out my self zone and everything than out of no where I got super depressed and haven’t left my house in 5 days trying to get off the couch makes me breathless and weak can’t go to the bathroom or my front door don’t know if is because of my iron so I started taking my iron pills a couple of days ago I call the nurses to ask my Prozac and waiting on they to call me back if like giving up wish I never tried antidepressants now am giving up

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It is very tricky for you as you have the underlying addiction to alcohol which no doubt was caused by traumatic events which you need help with as we cannot work through all this stuff on our own without a huge amount of help. That would be expecting too much of yourself .

I feel you need more support with staying off the alcohol and talking through the issues which led to your dependency in the first place.

Anti-depressants well some swear by them, I don't. You have to make up your own mind in the end about that; but I think the main thing for you is getting more peer support to deal with your addiction and to get help with what has caused this in the first place. I would suggest AA meetings and peer group meetings to get you through these difficult times.

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Am not craving alcohol I don’t even want to drink no more. I can’t get off my couch I been here breathless and weak I can’t even go to the restroom without falling out of it not even my front door I haven’t left my house in 5 days if I can’t do these things how am going to be able to go to AA meetings am a loss cause what’s your story how bad things got for u

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Things got very bad for me. I was an inch away from taking my life ; I had it all planned and saw it as the only way out. I phoned the Samaritans many many times and something in me just had that fight to keep trying. It was partly what they said and partly me that really didn't want to die; just to be out of the horrendous pain that was my life.

I think for now hanging on has to be your main objective. I daren't advise you to come off the antidepressants as that would be unethical of me to say do or don't stay on them. You have to make up your own mind. It is true that they take around 6 weeks to properly kick in and you go through hell in the meantime I am led to believe.

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Do u take anything for your depression and anxiety? What coping skills do you use? I was thinking about ending it all but I know that not a option my boys would be so hurt and I don’t ever want to do that to them that why I keep on fighting but am scared if I don’t get the help I need I don’t know what going to happen to me

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I take magnesium, the B vitamins and vitamin C and I eat a fish meal every day.

I still take a sleep med (very low dose now; will not even name it as it isn’t a good idea to start on it) purely because I am addicted to it and cannot come off it.

My coping skills for when I am bad involve phoning the Samaritans as many times as I need to and doing what I feel is right in the way of medication.

In my case anti depressants never helped at all but I am not suffering from classic depression. My problems go down to severe emotional abuse and trauma as a child and I am gradually working on these. It has been a long hard road. I am 60 and been working on it since 18; the main cause of my abuse died 4 years ago.

I still occasionally take a benzodiazepine ( I think they call it zanax in America; I take something similar in the UK called lorazepam) It definitely helps but the problem with these is that if you take them beyond a very short time span ( I only take about 12 in any twelve month period now ) they cease to work and work against you. They can help short term for a maximum of a month when you are in a constant crisis. I did do this when I was in crisis and it probably was a contributor to saving my life but really after a month believe me they definitely cease to work and can make you feel really ill and a lot worse. A month was probably too long but I was really bad.

One problem with us recounting our experiences on here is that we only know each other vaguely. I would suggest every reply you get you treat with caution including mine as it is simply my experience with my unique set of problems and I am not medically qualified in any way shape or form .

PS I am truly glad you have your sons. Yes that is definitely worth living for and fighting to get well for their sake. xx

These meds don’t work for everyone. You need flesh and blood support and maybe counseling. You need fresh air and a day with a friend, quality, simple nutrition and work with a purpose. Pills can help stabilize some, and are worth a try when all else fails, but they can also become a toxic load that the body rejects. My experience with the many antidepressants I tried was a dead end. But for my husband, they’ve stabilized him. Each of us has to hang in there and keep trying different methods until some peace is found. BHRT is a miracle treatment if your hormones are out of whack which starts in your thirties. Had I tried this first I’d have saved myself a lot of misery. Also, simple nutritional deficiencies can be easily remedied. I mean, even dehydration can make you feel nuts. Sometimes I realize I’m dehydrated and that’s what’s causing everything. Get better and better with self care and building a support system. It’s a daily practice that ebbs and flows.

Dehydrated can make u feel nuts?

Yes!! Every cell in your body struggles to function when your body is dehydrated and by the time you’re thirsty your body is begging for mercy.

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Yup this is spot on

Thank you for the information I really needed it because it feels like am going nuts right now

Get your doctors help and come off of the pills slowly if you do. They’re just not the miracle cure for everyone. Take heart and have faith because you are not failing you are trying to get better and you will if you don’t give up. This may sound simplistic but a big green salad always helps me feel great and it’s proven scientifically to help your mood. Try it! A big green salad with candied walnuts, dried cranberries, feta, ranch, whatever thrills your belly! And next time you’re at the grocery store pick up a good multivitamin and take it every day. Please. If you are that fatigued you need all the vitamins you may be missing. Your body is a powerhouse if you fuel it. If you just eat junk and take a pill your body will break down and your mind will follow. Breathe deep so your belly expands. Feel it all the way down. Get that oxygen down to the very bottom of your lungs. Get magnesium powder, stir it into a big glass of water and sip it til it’s gone. Think of cleansing the old and bringing in the new. This is life! Ever changing. You have no choice but to throw out the old breath, bring in the new! Chuck out the old habits, adopt the new. It’s a brand new day and you found your new project: YOU. Because if you don’t take care of you no one else will. And ultimately it’s all for your boys. When those dark thoughts come, live for them. If you can’t find the reason to live for you, then live your whole life for them, right? I think we all get to that point. And we are not victims of ourselves, we are survivors. Take action. Push yourself and force yourself to do those mundane things that keep life going. Everything you do will be a step forward.

Awwww I really appreciate all your kind words. And I will taking a multivitamin everyday with magnesium to help me out because like I said I been drinking for years and I know my body is lacking a lot of vitamins my body needs am just praying this fatigued go away so I can get off this couch been here for 5 days and my boyfriend is really to broke up with me because he can’t handle me being depressed and anxious all the time and I know my kids are tried seeing me like this too I really want to do something but don’t have the energy right now please keep me in your prayers my name is Tamka thank you

You are in my prayers. May you be lifted by all the love of the universe that has brought you here over time and space. Your energy WILL return. But you must take that first step. Then the 2nd will be easier, the 3rd will be even easier, the 4th a piece of cake. Momentum. Start that snowball rolling. Much love!! Progress brings happiness. Even the smallest action can become a habit, then it becomes second nature.

Awwwwww thank you 🙏🏾 I really appreciate you. U really got me up moving a little today I really needed it I got off the couch and sit up and it felt good thank u am praying for u too you’re awesome and a great person wish it was more people like u in this world 🌎 have a restful night and hope your morning goes well ❤️🌈💙🌹😎🙏🏾

Wow you lifted me with that message my friend! So glad you’re feeling better. You’re awesome. Never ever give up on yourself, even when things seem so hopeless because it’s an illusion. And don’t count on those pills to restore your hope. Count on your love for your boys to pull you through.


Awww u know just what to say everytime I really appreciate u and thank u again 🌟🌙🌼🌹⚡️🙏🏾❤️🌈🌹💙🤗😘

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Reading all these old posts are somewhat uplifting. I am ready to call it quits but will hang on for one more day

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